Plea from a Cuban Mother – Updated

This heartbreaking lament for a son denied medical treatment in Castro’s gulag makes obscene any gesture toward normalizing relations with the Castro regime. 

Update:  Her plea in English, translation by our friend Jorge Luis Hernandez:

“My son is dying,,,,,,,My son is dying,,,,,,don’t let my little son  die…..Mammy….. he says, Mammy, I don’t have on me any more places to put an injection…. Mammy!…. He is a cadaver…..I plead for justice…for justice to be made…..because my son is going to die there, and before my son dies, I ask  all this government here, this government that does not deserve anything, to issue a parole to all the sick ones, because there are many who are sick, a lot of them….they say that there are none, that there are no political prisoners of conscience, that there are none, that all of them are common prisoners,,,,that’s a  huge lie my God !…… let a representative of Human Rights come here,,,,,and let them come to the jails, and  let them come to the hospitals….and let them see the way they are…..they are dying……not for lack of things that one bring to them, because one bring to them whatever we can ….but the medical assistance, they have to give it to them the way it should be, they have to give it because it is a human being… is a human being and not an animal….they have my son in a “hole” as they say of  the way they have the spies ( in the US)….  they are the ones that have then in a “hole”, in the deep part of the hospital is where they have them ,where they are not permitted to see anybody, and not to talk to anybody so no one can communicate with him or nothing…I was allowed to see him for only twenty minutes and they didn’t let me talk anything with him…this is criminal,,,, it’s criminal what they are doing… son, who always has been strong as an oak, my son went in there strong, big and in great shape, and now he is week, skinny, he is a skeleton….I implore you, all the community outside Cuba, to do something for him….to the President Barack Obama, to the European Union, to all the congresspersons there….this government here what is doing is finishing them, they are been finished  slowly…..You hear me…I am a mother who is suffering since my son went to prison…he entered very well and  healthy and now look at the way my son is…..My son is dying…… my son is dying….don’t let my little son die….the little son of my soul……don’t die.


This is taking place 90 miles from our border:

There is no honorable way to hold talks with this criminal regime; no way to shake these hands without acquiring blood stains.

Rembember Fidel’s words from a 1959 speech, “I tell the mothers that they will never, because of us, have to weep”.

The Castro brothers; Fidel and Raul, are monsters. Yes, with capital letters–let them own these bloodied infamous names, that they will be etched on hells door for eternity.

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  1. It’s heartbreaking, but don’t expect the mainstream media to take note. Nestor Almendros/Jorge Ulla’s documentary, “Nobody Listened,” is as timely today as it was nearly 30 years ago when it was made.

    What the MSM loves to do is to find unrepresentative and isolated instances of children with very rare diseases inside Cuba who can’t get some extraordinarily rare medical apparatus that is allegedly only made in the USA and then claim that the embargo is killing the child, because it is stopping the machinery from being sold to Cuba. As if the regime would buy some multi-million dollar US made scanner, etc… and put it in a hospital for the masses.

    It’s so tragic. God help this poor woman and her son, because the media that could do something won’t and the Cuban exile community is not organized enough to do anything effective. We have no viable foundations, and no millionaires that would give money to start a campaign to publicize her plight or humiliate the regime into doing something.

  2. Ironically the youthful words of an Ernesto Guevara might be relevant here …

    “A revolution without guns, it would never work.”

    This is sadly probably the case for Iran as well. There is only one way the Communist regime is relinquishing power at this point, and it isn’t through peaceful protest.

    In further irony the Fidel of 1959 would be the first one to call for the overthrow of the Fidel of 2009.

  3. Sorry. Wrong side of ideological fashion. Do not pass Go and definitely do not collect anything, except misery. As the sacred cows, I mean mothers of Argentina’s Plaza de Mayo would surely say, “Screw you, bitch.”

  4. “Youthful words of an Che Guevara” That MF was never youthful…That piece of crap was born and died a impertinent foul stench.

    Ziva….Is there any way we can get the name of this Prisoner and where he is at.
    Also his mothers name and contact information. We may be able to help in some way. Call me and let me know.

  5. If the EXACT same thing were happening under a RIGHT-wing regime, you’d better believe the media, the Hollywood crowd and the liberal establishment would be ALL over this like white on rice.

    I know everybody knows that, starting with those who are looking the other way because this involves a Castro and not a Pinochet, but it’s still the miserable, disgusting truth.

  6. Ziva….WOW! Words travels fast on the internet.
    I just got word from someone in Europe…. The prisoners name may be ARIEL SIGLER AMAYA… The Name of the mother may be Gloria Amaya. Does this sound right?

  7. Ziva, my bad, I wasn’t aware that he was a subject we couldn’t bring up. However, my point was to point out how the Cuban regime can only be overthrown with force, an idea that many of the founders of the oppressive regime would have agreed with at the start of this one.

    Henry, I don’t disagree with you. My point of using “youthful” was to deliniate that he said this when he was younger and before he became connected to Fidel & co. Young and “stench” aren’t mutually exclusive.

  8. Mr. Mojito, the subject of el che has been discussed many many times over the years here at Babalu. Most eloquently by the esteemed Humberto “El Cirujano” Fontova. If you haven’t yet read it, may I recommend his wonderful book, “Exposing the Real Che Guevara: And the Useful Idiots Who Idolize Him”

    Here’s a hint: Nothing that murderous monster said in his too long miserable life is worth repeating. Would you quote a young Hitler to an audience of Jews? Get it?

    Consider this a warning, next time your comment will be deleted.

  9. Ziva, I have read the book, which points out (“repeats”) many of the sadistic quotes he said. To your question, I would never quote a young Hitler to an audience of Jews unless I was using that quote to point out something ironic or hypocritical – which is what I thought I was inartfully doing in this case. I also respect your desire not to have him mentioned in any capacity on your posts and thus will honor your request. My apologies if you were offended.

  10. Mr. Mojito- Yes, the book repeats many of the quotes, in context. As in pointing out his utter inhumane brutality, not as an example to emulate. Do you understand the difference? One should never use the words of a mass murdering monster in any capacity, because it legitimizes them, do you understand that? To quote Che or Hitler in any capacity is abhorrent and offensive their victims and any conscionable person. To do so on this blog makes me think you have not represented yourself honestly, or you’re ignorant. Which is it?

  11. Ziva, in the original thread you quoted Fidel:

    “Rembember Fidel’s words from a 1959 speech, “I tell the mothers that they will never, because of us, have to weep”.”

    Thus I was also pointing out the irony of an early statement of Che. You have created this false option where I have to admit to being a liar or stupid when I would dispute both.

    You then say
    “One should never use the words of a mass murdering monster in any capacity”

    Well I would classify Fidel as a mass murderer as I imagined you would, and you quoted him in the thread to point out the hypocrisy of his words – which in my definition would be “in capacity”.

    I’m not sure why you are so confrontational about this, but I imagine you probably have good reason to be – and will thus leave it at that and try to avoid your threads.

  12. Mr. Mojito, the context of your che quote offended me, period. I am confrontational about this because too many people whom I love lives were destroyed by that murderous bastard. It is a gut level reaction, and yes, I know I am not always consistent. So be it. Your insightful comments are welcome; just do not quote che on my posts.

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