Pro Honduran Liberty Rally Today

At el parque de la libertad 13th Avenue and SW 8th Street at 3pm.

I received a plea for help to inform the public about this rally. Liberty loving Hondurans are concerned about how the media is spinning events in their country. Show your support and attend the rally.

10 thoughts on “Pro Honduran Liberty Rally Today”

  1. Here’s a message to fascists, Nazis, communists, socialists, leftists, “progressives,” and all-around Kool-Aid drinking liberals around the USA and the world: You may win temporary victories, and it may seem like an eternity when you and your evil beliefs have reign over us. But remember that in the end liberty will always triumph. Always. I send a heart-felt FUCK YOU to every last one of you.

  2. Right on George……
    These F…heads may feel that they have the world in there hands, but Liberty will ALWAYS win.
    Has there been any word from the Yellow House on this yet?

  3. In the face of inaction by OAS, and by the increasing numbers of extreme leftists who promise thesky and then more but once elected not only fail to deliver decreases in poverty etc. but attempt to stay in permanently in power increasing their control by all means fair and foul.

    This is what is expected.

    Hurray for the Honduran Supreme Court!!!!

  4. Kudos to those with the foresight to prevent another Venezuela; the so-called “democratic” process being hijacked by the marxists leave them no other choice.

    Think Chavez is looking now at “las barbas del vecino”?

  5. So far the actions of the Honduran Supreme Court, Congress and Military, while unusual seem to be within their constitutional authority.

    While those of Zelaya are not

    Chavez’s threats to intervene amount to intrusions into Honduran affairs.

  6. If President Obama supports Zelaya in the latter’s attempt to be communist “President for Life”

    This will define his presidency in a way not seen since the Missile Crisis

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