You Gotta Wonder

Yes, you have to wonder what fuels someone like  Brendan McCaffrey.  I ignored this when it first appeared in the Miami Herald.  Could be I was still smarting from their latest editorial, which I also chose to ignore.  But then I stumbled on the same advice on a PR news wire.  To what end?  Publicity?  It is certainly not altruism.  Just take a gander at his specific  proposals which read like a castrovian wish list seasoned with a dash of bigotry:

—  Remove Cuba from the State Department list of State Sponsors of Terrorism.

   —  Repeal enforcement of the outmoded Helms-Burton legislation.

  —  End the economic embargo.

     —  End U.S. restrictions on travel by American citizens.

  —  Close the detention facility at Guantanamo and return the base to Cuban sovereignty. The place has become an international  embarrassment to us.

 —  End the ‘Wet Foot/Dry Foot immigration policy’ and treat illegal immigrants from Cuba as we do those from Mexico or any other country.

   —  Formalize coordination on anti-drug trafficking matters.

   —  Provide significantly increased funds to the U.S. Agency for International Development.

  —  End U.S. opposition to Cuban participation in Western Hemisphere multilateral agreements.

Let’s see, we give them legitimacy, money, even Guantanamo,  in return for which we get the same power to influence events as, say, Spain presently has.   And he’s teaching international affairs at West Point?

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  1. I’ve come to the realization that when it comes to Cuba, what prevails is a systematic, well-organized campaign to help the regime sustain itself in power for perpetuity.

    Those that want the regime to stay in power include in the worst case scenario, as Lt. Col. Chris Simmons points out, agents for the regime, or what is almost as bad, a mainstream media that is so afraid of offending the regime that they never publish hard hitting stories for fear of losing their bureau inside Cuba. This toxic group also includes lazy journalists and pundits who do not do their research and instead repeat the same lies and soundbites that were created by the regime in the first place. Seriously, sometimes all that they do is repeat verbatim copies of Cuba’s press releases. Then again, that might not be laziness. That’s probably more like out-and-out collusion.

    To top it off, since they are all in the same bed, there is no oversight, no critique. Someone like Brendan McCaffrey can get away with such an absurd approach to Cuba, because even if others think that it is a bit over-the-top, they basically agree with it. Can you imagine the collective yowl if McCaffrey had written such a capitulating approach towards Iran, Haiti 20 years ago, or apartheid South Africa?

    Also, let’s not forget that bigotry plays a role in this. Cuban’s are supposed to be “people of color,” from the Caribbean. So, it really doesn’t matter that we stay chain and shackled under the despot’s boot. Concepts like democracy are first-world concepts. Like mindless cattle, we are supposed to be happy if we are fed, and our health needs are taken care of.

    In conclusion, academia and the media has been so influenced and infiltrated by the regime, by out-and-out agents, by prejudiced concepts, or by their own political leftist worldview shaped by radical professors that in their book, the bottom line is to recognize the regime and help perpetuate it in power indefinitely.

    That’s why someone like McCaffrey can write so much shit without the stench suffocating everyone around him.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama “accomplished” all of these by 2016 if he wins a 2nd term. (pukes)

  3. Seems that the US Academy at West Point has another “friend of the enemy,” one extending a long line of useful idiots, that started with Benjamin Arnold

  4. McCaffrey not only teaches at West Point, he’s also the president of BR McCaffrey Assoc. LLC. His company “provides strategic, analytic, and advocacy consulting services to businesses, non-profits, governments, and international organizations. We also work with clients to generate investment or non-profit funding. Our purpose is to get specified results for clients who want action.

    On a retainer basis, McCaffrey Associates provides strategic planning support to client CEOs, Board Chairmen, and senior corporate leadership. We will help build linkages between government and private sector clients; design public relations, media, advertising and legislative strategies; and provide client specific analysis of U.S. and international political and economic issues. McCaffrey Associates will also undertake on a success fee basis to shape client business and investment partnerships.
    BR McCaffrey Associates LLC will not engage in activities that would require us to register as an agent of any foreign government. Our operating guidelines will be based on absolute business integrity and fairness. We will provide clients with value enhancing consultation, protect their proprietary information, ensure no conflict of interest, and aggressively support their business objectives.”

    He stands to make lots and lots and lots of $$$$$ if they remove the embargo. He’s been traveling to Cuba for years and has been known to speak to “el culoandante” himself.

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