Chavista Plane Violated Honduran Airspace

If the Hondurans had shot down the Venezuelan plane carrying Zelaya yesterday as it violated their sovereign airspace, would the OAS then consider allowing Honduras back into their cozy and exclusive little club?

After all, Castro’s shootdown of the BTR planes doesn’t seem to bother the OAS, whose members all hyperventilate and drench their panties at the notion of luxuriating in the Stalinist regime’s company.

Just wondering…?

Perhaps the Experts over at the Inter-American-Dialogue can answer?

5 thoughts on “Chavista Plane Violated Honduran Airspace”

  1. Humberto,

    The OAS has been totally discredited under Insulza’s leadership.

    That’s what happens when you put a lefty in charge of an international organization.

    In the meantime Hugo Chavez tramples the rights of the Venezuelan people on a daily basis and he does not do anything about it.

    How pathetic….

  2. They should have shot down that motherfuckers plane! estan comiendo mierda, hell they should have killed the fucker instead of letting him leave the first time.
    There I said it!!
    I love dead communists, they are my favorite kind.

  3. Humberto, that would have been a terrible idea …

    especially since Comrade Obama would have then nuked Tegucigalpa

  4. Humberto, please, “those people” who got shot down by Castro, Inc. over international waters were obviously asking for it. Besides, they don’t matter anyway. The plane carrying Zelaya in all his hair-dyed glory and manned by Che groupies is exempt from any bourgeois notions of airspace violation. I mean, you’ve been on TV, so surely you know the score by now.

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