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  1. Shouldn’t the title be bigger than the author’s name, especially on a first novel? And I see Carl Hiaasen’s on board, front and center. No doubt the publisher wanted that for marketing purposes, but given Hiaasen’s track record, for a Cuban-American to go along with that is rather distasteful, at least to me. Of course, I’m not out to get a novel in print.

  2. OK, maybe I did something wrong, but I did click the link and there was no plot description, just that it’s action-packed.

  3. Yeah, I remember Liz from her days at the Herald when she occupied what I’ve come to call the “Demo-Commie” corner at the Herald editorial board. After she left, they hired the winner of the Jabba The Hutt look-alike contest and repugnant commie-lover Jim DeFede who finally got run out after he hounded Arthur Teele until he killed himself; which got us to Ana Menendez, who, like Liz should have known better but, like Liz consistently took sides with the worst of the worst of the American left. I have a special place in my shit list for cubans who ally themselves with the pink cousins of the reds over there. Nope, she ain’t getting my money and neither should she get yours. I am currently keeping an eye on Miriam Marquez

  4. aar33178,

    Ditto, Ditto.

    I remember well when Liz Balmaseda began writing at the Miami Herald. I could’ve sworn she hated the Cuban-American community, specially, the Historic Exiles. Some things you just don’t forget.

    Nope! Not a penny!

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