When frustration over the lack of freedom reaches its tipping point and insurrection ensues, this is how it begins; this is how you take back your country, God willing.

Excerpt from AP via Yahoo News:

Women in headscarves and young men dashed away, rubbing their eyes in pain as police fired tear gas, in footage aired on state-run Press TV. In a photo from Thursday’s events in Tehran obtained by The Associated Press outside Iran, a woman with her black headscarf looped over her face thrust her fist into the air in front of a garbage bin that had been set on fire.

In another image, a man dropped to his knees, overcome by the effects of tear gas.

But the clampdown was not total. At Tehran University, a line of police blocked a crowd from reaching the gates of the campus, but then did not move to disperse them as the protesters chanted “Mir Hossein” and “death to the dictator” and waved their hands in the air, witnesses said. The crowd grew to nearly 1,000 people, the witnesses said.

“Police, protect us,” some of the demonstrators chanted, asking the forces not to move against them.

The protesters appeared to reach several thousand, but their full numbers were difficult to determine, since marches took place in several parts of the city at once and mingled with passers-by. There was no immediate word on arrests or injuries.

It did not compare to the hundreds of thousands who joined the marches that erupted after the June 12 presidential election, protesting what the opposition said were fraudulent results. But it was a show of determination despite a crackdown that has cowed protesters, who have not held a significant rally for the past 11 days.

Onlookers and pedestrians often gave their support. In side streets near the university, police were chasing young activists, and when they caught one, passers-by chanted “let him go, let him go,” until the policemen released him. Elsewhere, residents let fleeing demonstrators slip into their homes to elude police, witnesses said.

 Of course, to make it happen, some have to be willing to take a bullet.

4 thoughts on “Insurrection”

  1. Sadly I believe that it will come to that here in the US. We are losing our country and we need to take it back. Sound radical? Thats okay. I lost one country. I won’t lose a second.

  2. And in the meantime, Obama’s wife and kids are costing the U.S. and Europe tens of thousands of dollars as she jets on Air Force One all around as a tourist in Europe and this is while corporate jets for business are a no no.
    And in the meantime, Obama has nothing to say on this and it may be too late, anyway.
    And, worse, all that he has had to say on Honduras has been against freedom.
    No, pototo, you are not wrong. I read Whittaker Chambers. The uber communist groomed to be president has arrived. His goals are clean and simple; he wants to destroy this country so quickly it will be next to impossible to reverse and he wants to destroy the free world as much as he can as fast as he can. He has his cohorts in congress and the press, and the American people as his useful idiots.
    What is it going to take to wake America up?

  3. Revolutions need “martyrs”.

    Fidel & Co have been ‘smart’ not to create one with Biscet by killing him.

    Fidel also sold Che down the river in Bolivia and then craftily made him the “Saint” of the revolution.

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