Pastors for Peace Murderers

They like to call themselves “Pastors for Peace,” but in reality they are nothing more than Pastors for Murderers. Under the guise of supposedly trying to help Cubans on the island suffering after the hurricanes, they are nothing more than a communist propaganda group. If this group of shameless shills for Cuba’s murderous dictatorship has a religious group tax exemption, it should be revoked immediately.

Take a look at this news story from a local television channel in Terre Haute, Indiana, and you can see the face of Che slapped on the side of their “peace” bus.

It is sickening to watch these immoral sycophants hide behind the cloak of religion to promote one of the most evil dictatorships in modern history. In the end, life on this earth is temporal and these loathsome jackboot-lickers will eventually have to answer to the God they mock.

5 thoughts on “Pastors for <strike>Peace</strike> Murderers”

  1. The Reverendo “Mierda” lucius walker and his IFCO/Pastors for Peace caravans are known in Cuba as the “Caravanas Fantasmas” (Phantom Caravans) as regular folks never get to see them or benefit from whatever “aid” they bring. Somehow they all end up at the Communist Headquarters of they towns targeted for “aid.”

  2. So I take it they are driving this bus down to Mexico and then flying to Cuba from there?

    Maybe the Mexican govt should just confiscate all the “aid”?

  3. Another minor point: I would be reluctant to push for removing the tax exempt status of these clowns, because then the secular liberals would used that as the slippery slope to removing the tax exempt status of ALL churches, which go overwhelmingly republican.

    It is almost like the Left is calling our bluff just daring the right to challlenge the tax exempt status with these kind of cases.

  4. These ostensible pastors are as much true men of God as the Castro brothers are true men of the people. In both cases, it’s just a pretext, a ruse, and if it happens to sound good and fool those stupid or perverse enough to fall for it, so much the better.

  5. Put their asses inside Cuba, or another communist country and let them experience living there, and then see if they want to continue supporting a communist regime. What dumbasses when people like that need to raise their awareness level, and when they have no clue what concepts, or the history they are supporting.

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