13 thoughts on “Obama and his “mom jeans””

  1. Yeah, but they sure as heck didn’t report on all the booing in the stands, did they? Typical of our press: check out the superficial, but don’t dare go any deeper.

    Oh, well … it was “just” a baseball game.

  2. Did anyone else notice how the camera didn’t show where his pitched landed? That was discussed on Red Eye last night.

  3. Look, it’s really very simple. Obama thinks he’s above and beyond fashion–same as everything else. Watch for Mom jeans to become the new black.

  4. Jerome:

    I didn’t even want to get into this, but I saw his pitch and the president wouldn’t have survived for long at Little Havana’s Shenandoah Park with that throwing motion. They would have laughed him out of the park.

  5. Maybe he should have gotten Al Franken to do the honors for him. At least Franken could always deflect derision by saying he was just trying to be funny.

  6. Mira que la prensa se atraca de #%&@$!

    Rush called it a girly throw…. from a girlyman, of course.

  7. haha …

    all give him the jacket, that was nice

    but where’s the flood Barry?

    Let your imaginary balls breathe

  8. To be honest, the whole business of the POTUS throwing the first pitch, etc. has always struck me as cheesy and yes, inappropriate. Fake populism is worthless and condescending. Same goes for presidential candidates going on Arsenio Hall, Jay Leno or what have you. It’s all obviously calculated PR, and (at least with me) it’s always counterproductive. Charles de Gaulle may have been a prick, but at least he never, ever stooped to silly, cornpone, undignified nonsense.

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