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  1. Val, you say that as if it hasn’t been obviouss for quite some time. As in, more or less forever.

  2. Not to come to the defense of Rick Sanchez, but I’m sure that he was asked to do this story by CNN’s executives. They are using him as a token “latino” and he is towing the line, because they after all, pay his salary. It’s sad..

    By the way, if he wanted to get a real perspective from “latinos” in Miami of Sotomayor, they should have asked “wise latinas” in the streets of Hialeah. Ah, but of course, the response would not have been what they wanted to hear.

    This is another salient example of how the MSM manipulates American public opinion.

  3. Let me add, please don’t lose sight of the fact that it is the height of absolute cynicism to carry out this “wise latina” shit in Miami. CNN knows full well that Cuban Americans don’t fall for this “wise latina” crap nor do we for the most part support Sotomayor.

    They are such Hijos de P..that I have no words to describe them.

  4. My mother was a wise “Latina.” Wise enough that she never bought what Castro was selling, not even at the very beginning (yes, there were such people in Cuba). Wise enough that she told my father she was getting her kids out of Cuba no matter what it took (something I always remembered throughout the Elian crisis). Wise enough to recoil in horror and disgust at anything with the slightest whiff of the poison Castro, Inc. stands for. Sotomayor isn’t even remotely in the same league. And yes, Rick Sanchez is, at best, deeply embarrassing.

  5. We have a lot of wise “Latinas” (I do hate the word) in the Cuban-American community, that’s why we didn’t vote for Obama.

  6. Just…comemierda?? I can think of stronger adjectives for this H.P. I’m still cringing from watching that clip. The embarrassment won’t wear off easily.

    For all of my years, I have never seen Cubans use any ploys of victimhood, in fact, the mere suggestion sends shivers down the spine. Nor has it up to now been a common practice to identify with and join in the woes and complaints of other Hispanic groups. The whole lumping together of “Latinos” is nothing more than ignorance, but it can now be used very effectively by the opportunistic left to further its agenda. In whoring himself to the cause, Rick Sanchez should be publicly tarred and feathered.

  7. Lemme see …

    Al Franken and now Rick “I run people over, head home, down a few more drinks, come back and lie to the cops” Sanchez’s “Mommy” …

    Yeah, they’ve got Sotomayor covered … no worries, America.

  8. Something tells me Rick won’t be welcome at the next Cuba Nostalgia convention.

    He is a disgrace to all Cuban exiles.

    Hijo de puta

  9. Sanchez has been a moron and a sellout since his days at Channel 7; he’s unable to control himself, always lurking for the cheap shots, mistaking them for ratings.

    And as for la Soto, she looks mean and nasty; after reading her bio, I’ve concluded she’s nothing but an angry chick from the Bronx without much brains — and no offense to all my friends from the Bronx, she’s the one who keeps reminding us of her ‘hood. Just listen to her: she has a thin, deficient command of the language. She won’t give a straight answer to the plainest questions. She’s been bullying her way to the top from an early age playing the ethnic card and now is dancing around all the quotes from her speeches, redefining her terms and rewriting history. I feel for the justices who’ll have to deal with this intellectual lightweight.

  10. Well, I suppose we should be grateful Sotomayor went the route she did and got what she was after. Otherwise, she might have wound up in the Pentagon doing the same sort of job as another “Latina” from Puerto Rico, one Ana Belen Montes.

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