The “Dictator!!” Somoza

‘Zelaya’s Sunday deadline for the coup leaders to back down falls on the 30th anniversary of Nicaragua’s July 19, 1979, Sandinista revolution that toppled dictator Anastasio Somoza.

From the prestigious AP here.

SSSHHHH. Don’t tell anyone in the MSM, but Anastasio Somoza was legally elected by his countrymen/women in 1974 elections supervised by–get this!–the OAS!–back before they were Castro/Chavez’ harem.

And hey! The MSM must be slipping?? What happened to the obligatory “U.S.-Backed” in front of “Dictator Somoza”????

Never mind that the U.S. (Jimmy Carter) slapped an embargo on Somoza’s gov., then strong-armed the Israelis into turning around a shipment of arms they’d sent to help him against the Communist Sandinistas–after the Israeli ships had already entered the Caribbean!


3 thoughts on “The “Dictator!!” Somoza”

  1. Good pick up there Humberto.

    This is all a manipulation, as any rational Honduras watcher knows that Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales is a coward and a thug.

    He not crossing the Nicaraguan border nor flying in to Olancho.

    There is, as evidenced by El Herldo in Tegu, a Plan Caracas/Chavez, of attempting to create an internal revolt, paying Maras to commit even greater crimes and manifest social disorder, grab Toncontin Airport, uprisings in Colon, Gracias a Dios, Olancho, Mosquita, etc.

    The military knows this all too well.

    And are we to forget Hugo’s 11:30 pm call to Thomas Shannon this week. (i wonder if he was snorting Bolivian, Ecuadorian or Colombian coke that night)…

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