Another day without a mention

It seems either the English-speaking media is still sleeping since Friday night or they can’t find anyone who speaks Spanish. Two days have gone by and no one has been able to translate the numerous articles that have come out around the world regarding the seizure of computers in Zelaya’s Presidential Palace containing the results of a referendum vote that never took place.

As of this morning, after spending a couple of hours scouring English news sources, I have yet to find one single mention of this very important development in the Honduran crisis. Only the USA Today posted a one-paragraph article that links to a blog post that contains a translation of the original article from Europapress I posted yesterday, and could hardly be considered a news story. In addition, you can search the USA Today news site and this story does not come up in the results.

Perhaps all the Spanish speaking personnel took the weekend off.

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  1. The US media will not report this, Alberto. Because theyre either too busy researching that Sarah Palin doesnt, in fact, wear a size 7 shoes but a size eight, or theyre chumming it up with Obama at a BBQ on the White House Lawn. Or, of course, it could be that there is not even a SHRED of INTEGRITY in today’s journalists and that this story doesnt meet the official yet unspoken agenda.

    Still thoiugh, I sure am glad we have all those great journalists out there looking out for us little guys.

  2. Well said. The MSM, including spanish speaking outlets, are sympathetic of Zelaya and his objectives. They are totally in the tank for the left and have no jornalistic integrity, for the most part… How else would one explain the lack of reporting on such an important piece of news?

  3. Can you IMAGINE!!!!!!!! the International MSM UPROAR!!!!!!!!!!!If similar shenanigans had been uncovered for Pinochet’s 1988 referendum in Chile!!!!!!!!

    Which he lost by a small margin, btw. Then he dutifully relinquished his office as the law mandated and he’d promised.


  4. Latest from Brazil is that Zelaya says that when he gets back in power he will continue with hsi attempt to change the constitution. This is the crackpot that Obama supports.

  5. The Iranians apparently did the same thing since they announced the results of their election before the millions of paper ballots could possibly have been counted. Chavez had a formula for his vote fraud that was figured out by analysts later after Jimmy Carter had vouched for his bonifide election. Rigging the result is so much easier than generating fake voters. ACORN is probably envious.

  6. La Prensa, Honduras reports that Zelaya had a statue ready to go up in the presidential garden. ( HA HA

    And just so you know, over at La Gringa’s Blogicito, , she has quit blogging about gardening and life in Honduras and has some very extenxive writing about the recent troubles, including a piece concerning the computers citing Babalu.

  7. Not a problem. Just get Jimmy Carter to look into the matter. I’m sure that will whitewash, I mean clear, everything right up–just like in Venezuela.

  8. Alberto, any new news on this?

    I sent links to Drudge and Fox News but nothing so far in anglo media.

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