14 thoughts on “This just in…”

  1. However, it is good that you have published this asswipes email for the world to see, because you are right, it show just how hate filled and lacking in humanity they are.

  2. Val….
    This pile of CACA who calls himself “DICK’ is just one more of these ugly cheap ass commies who are have no life. Debe ser un tremendo hijo de la GRAN p++a.

  3. Let God handle people like this. In the meantime, how about a few more prayers for el Senor Prieto. Val, whatever our disagreements, I said a prayer for your old man today.

  4. Val, this is something my mother taught me to say to well wishers or otherwise…:

    “Lo que tu me desees, que Dios te lo conceda multiplicado por tres”

    People like this are only looking to get under your skin, they live with such hate, that unless they think they’ve made someone feel as ugly on the inside as they are, they don’t feel better, without realizing that the more they wish for that for others, the uglier they feel and the farther away they move from feeling any relief.

  5. Just like a commie piece of crap to come up with something like this. Not to worry though, it is obvious that Val’s dad has received many prayers and good intentions. As it is written…Satan is the father of lies and all liars, but justice belongs to the Lord. No weapon formed against the Prietos will prosper…..

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