8 thoughts on “Obama recruiting Brown Shirts”

  1. Sounds to me like he is begging people to support him. I love the last one where it says : “Hold a House meeting to support the Presidents bold agenda”. Guess they are too afraid to put socialist agenda in there so they had to go with ‘bold’. Freakin crazy. Has he started running commercials on tv already. Cause if he hasent yet he will soon. I dont think he likes his approval ratings very much.

  2. The only way to combat this crap is to instruct our munchkins, so that they grow up to wear a different color shirt. We’re facing the current debacle, in part, because of the brainwashing that has taken place in public schools for over 40 years, at all levels. I remember as a kid, we used to stand up to the Pledge and salute the flag, and American history covered highlights of the virtues of the Constitution, as opposed to the wacky documents of the French Revolution. But as an adult at the university, suddenly our Constitution was nothing more than a draft by some rich white greedy slave owners looking to protect their property and screw everyone. And parents who leave it up to the teachers to do the hard work are raising another generation of anti-American illiterates, to everyone’s demise. We need to fight back — that’s what I do with all the rugrats in my family.

  3. Did you guys hear how the “One who walks on water” had the gall to call a Police Dept. in Cambridge “Stupit” Looks like a friend of his WAS ARRESTED and that he ( the one) had the question set up.

  4. Soon they will be asking people at those home meetings to watch and record any suspicious behavior on the part of non-supporting neighbors.
    Chivatos Obama style…

  5. Hmmm…betcha very soon they will start asking people at those home meetings to start looking out and reporting on those neighbors who are not ‘with the program’.

    Chivatos, Obama style…..

  6. Oops, didn’t mean to post that twice…sowwy…there was a box that told me ERROR, please type a meesage.
    Glad you can’t see my pretty red face – yikes!

  7. Why else do you think the Demsheviks have been coddling and even cultivating inner city thuggery for the past 40 years? All that gangbanger energy will be stuffed into a snappy uniform and given a badge, radio and an arsenal with the goal of keeping the masses marching in his desired direction. What do you think will happen then? The Kenyan Usurper has stated clearly that he intends this to be a force equal in size to the U.S. armed forces. When he “organizes”, it is for a reason, not an end unto itself. The elites already have their propaganda arm (NBC et al.), this is the beginning of the enforcement arm.

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