Military thugs Booted Zelaya–while still in his pajamas!–from his office and nation!” (a complete CROCK!)

Fidel–he of marching 18 ragamuffins in front of Herbert Matthews, having them change clothes, then march through again till Matthews reported several “columns” of rebels numbering “hundreds” each–has taught Zelaya well.

“How to play the MSM like a fidlle 101,” reads his syllabus.

In fact Zelaya upon, arrest was allowed to dress, so he put clothes OVER his pajamas. “The cameramen are almost here, Mr Zelaya!” alerted his Costa-Rican hosts.

“Ah! OK Gracias, campaneros!” whereupon he slipped off the cover clothes. “Look how these vicious golpistas booted me –didn’t have the decency to let me dress!” etc. etc….

And the media ate it up. Much of it is STILL eating it up.


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  1. Sorry for the off-topic break in again but had to share this …

    CNN’s drunk-drivin-man slaughterin-douch bag catch basin Rick Sanchez says on Twitter:

    “do u know how much money i’d make if i’d sold out as hispanic and worked at fox news, r u kidding, one problem, looking in mirror”

    Ricky’s Twitter account is

    Joining Twitter is free. Join and respond to Ricky … I’m sure he’d love to hear from the Babalu community. He is, after all, so open-minded … his brains have fallen out.

  2. Humberto, if you’re ever in Texas, I’d like for you to autograph one of your books for me.

  3. Humberto:

    There has been a body of some poor soul apparently stabbed to death. These internationalists got hold of the body and paraded it in front of the Honduran soldiers.

    My Stepfather Enrique Sanz –who was tortured by Ventura and much sought after by Castro police (he was Autentico with Lauro Blanco_ until he was forced into exile told me:

    That the communists commonly used a tactic called “poniendo los muertos” which involved trying to find some fool they could murder and then proclaim him (the victim was usually male) a martyr to their cause.

    At times they would even collect a body of a person who had nothing to with the matter at hand, and pay off the relatives to say he was.

  4. I’d heard Saddam Hussein practiced something similar during and after the first Gulf War. He would have bodies hauled out from the morgues and splattered about areas where our military (or Bill Clinton and his random missile lobbing) would strike targets so the local media would make it look as if we hit an innocent populated area (women, elderly and children corpses were best for effect). I had even heard he kept corpses on ice just for such use …

  5. It’s an old, old trick. Hitler did it just before his campaign against Poland. He had some criminals dressed in Polish uniforms and had them shot at the border just before starting WWII.

    I may be wrong, but if memory serves, I believe Stalin did the same thing near Leningrad with Finnish uniforms.

  6. War often employs a great deal of cunning and stagecraft – and both sides do it (the good and bad).

    I agreed with Bush’s plan to paint a US plane like a UN plane one and try and have Saddam shoot it down, I also can begrudge Fidel for many awful things – but not for playing the Western Press like a fiddle (in fact that part of his genius should be studied by PR agents for centuries to come).

  7. Other relevant examples to Cuba would be the USS Maine, and I would wager that the La Coubre explosion in Havana in 1960 could have been a false flag attack, where Fidel & co blew the ship to rally support. It was out of that public mourning, that we got the famous Che photo, that we all have to unfortunately look at everyday.


    Breaking news. Apparently Honduran military will support return of Zelaya.

    WASHINGTON — The Honduran armed forces issued a communiqué on Saturday indicating that they would not stand in the way of an agreement to return Manuel Zelaya, the country’s ousted president, to power.

    The communiqué was drafted in Washington after days of talks between mid-level Honduran officers and American Congressional aides. Posted on the Honduran Armed Forces Web site, it endorsed the so-called San José Accord that was forged in Costa Rica by delegates representing President Zelaya and the man who heads the de facto Honduran government, Roberto Micheletti.

    The accord, supported by most governments in the hemisphere, would allow Mr. Zelaya to return as president, although with significantly limited executive powers. Mr. Micheletti has steadfastly rejected Mr. Zelaya’s return as president.

    In its communiqué, the Honduran military added its support to the proposal. Officials involved said it was meant to dispel any perceptions that the military would block civilian efforts to resolve the crisis.

    The officials said the military communiqué was significant because it was the first sign of support for the San José Accord by a powerful sector of the de facto government. And the officials said it could make it more difficult for the Honduran Congress and Supreme Court to reject the accord when they consider it.

    American officials who met here with the Hondurans said that they were two colonels who were concerned about the tensions generated by the political conflict.

    Maybe someone here can translate this:

  9. Mr. Mojito, I’m not so sure that fidel played the Western press like a fiddle, I think that they are predisposed to him and played/continue to play along with him. Honestly, some of the stories that come out of Cuba are so lame and yet the mainstream media reports on them with a completely straight face. Case in point, Castro’s illness.

    Is there any doubt that if Pinochet or Franco had been “ill” for over 2 years, the mainstream media [with the New York Times leading the chorus] wouldn’t have demanded a physical sighting of Pinochet or Franco for them to believe that he were still alive? I can see it all now, a never ending chorus of mocking editorials and opinion pieces.

    Do you think that the msm would repeat verbatim copies of Pinochet’s and Franco’s official press releases as they do with Cuba when they copy whatever Granma publishes as the NYT’s did when Castro murdered the people from el Remolcador 13 de marzo?

    Perhaps castro is a clever propagandist, but it wouldn’t have worked if the msm hadn’t played along as they have been doing for the last 50 years.

    Regarding drillanwr’s post vis-a-vis Rick Sanchez’s hypocritical twitter comment, Sanchez may not have sold out as a “Hispanic” but he certainly has as a Cuban-American.

    The man’s hypocrisy leaves one speechless. It’s obvious that in order to make it in the msm, one has to become a Katie Couric/Dan Rather/Peter Jennings clone. In other words, a sounding board for the left. Rick Sanchez smelled the coffee and figured out who could butter his bread best, so he became a professional “hispanic,” and yet, he has the nerve to say the opposite. Tiene que tener una cara que pesa 1000 libras.

    By the way, every time I remember his “wise latina” schtick, I feel a little bit of vomit in the back of my throat.

  10. Okay, I translated it myself using an online service:


    The Secretary of State for National Defense, before the recent controversy, the national and international public opinion communicates the following:

    1. Armed Forces who are respectful of the Constitution and laws, by which we reaffirm our subordination to civilian authority in line with the principles of legality and due obedience.

    2. As an institution that support a solution to the problems facing our country, through a negotiation process under the San José Agreement. Likewise, we reiterate our unreserved support to the results, according to our Constitution and other laws.

    3. Armed Forces as a national institution complies and will continue to meet the missions to it by the Constitution and Laws of the Republic.

  11. Mojito

    An inquiry concluded that the Maine hit a mine in Havana harbor. As for La Coubre, Fidel, the bastard (literally) needed the arms to brace for an American invasion (which never came). In the other examples that were cited above, the perpetrator had little to lose in carrying out the charade. One can get carried away in imagining conspiracies on little or no evidence, but plenty of imagination.

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