Zelaya dips his left toe


In what can only be described as a classic example of the leftist definition of courage and intrepidity, deposed Honduran president and wannabe dictator Mel Zelaya stepped across the Nicaraguan/Honduran border yesterday (no doubt with his left foot first), just as he had promised his supporters he would do. He gave some interviews over his cell phone, caressed a sign welcoming those entering the country, posed for some pictures, and then quickly stepped back into Nicaragua before he found himself in any danger of being arrested.

The L.A. Times, which at times has had some surprisingly objective coverage of this crisis, did a great job of describing this show of leftist-style bravado.

It was a day of high theatrics staged, apparently, for multiple audiences, including the media abroad and Zelaya’s increasingly dispirited followers at home. He executed a symbolic gesture to make good on his promise to return.

When Zelaya crossed the border, he made sure to be surrounded by reporters, cameras, and his supporters to make sure the Honduran police would have to push aside a few innocent bystanders to be able to reach him. After all the threats and promises of violence Zelaya made against the constitutional government of Honduras, many would classify this timid attempt as cowardice. But if anyone were to do that, they would miss what the definition of bravery is to a leftist despot. Learning from such mentors as Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez, Zelaya understands that bravery, at least as far as the left is concerned, means talking tough, making threats, and then sending others who are not as smart to die and suffer in your place.

No supporters or reporters were roughed up or killed during this show yesterday and I am sure Zelaya is probably upset about that. It would have been nice to have a few innocent people bloodied up for the cameras. Such images would do wonders for his personal situation. It would have been tragic for those hurt or killed, but the left would find no issue with it because those tragedies would be contributing to a higher cause: Mel Zelaya.

5 thoughts on “Zelaya dips his left toe”

  1. While the Miami Herald reported that Zelaya had “dozens of supporters” with him at the border, the L.A. Times and the New York Times failed to report that number. What is not precise is how many of those Zelaya supporters were Nicaraguan Sandinistas.

  2. That’s one thing these guys are not, is brave, they are like the bullies at school when confronted alone, they become wimps and so that can be said of all them.

  3. They should have shot him … and NOT in the ass.

    Missed opportunities always come back to bite you in the ass themselves.

    Did I just say that?

    Yup …

  4. I actually think Honduras is played this one the right way.

    No reason to make him a cause celeb, or a martyr. Let the clown walk across and then slither back like the little bitch he is.

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