US Turns off News Ticker in Havana

As another sign of the Greg “let’s appease Latin American dictators, especially Castro” Craig, the US has unilaterally made another concession towards Cuba by turning off the news ticker in Havana. The truth pissed off the Cuban Government and since the US doesn’t care about reform in Cuba, the Obama administration continues to appease and make concessions. And what has the Cuban government done in return? Bupkis!

By Marc Frank

HAVANA (Reuters) – The United States has turned off a news ticker at its diplomatic mission in Havana that had long irritated the Cuban government, in another sign of efforts to improve relations with Havana, western diplomats said.
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Western diplomats in Havana, who asked not to be identified, said there were no plans for its crimson letters to be switched on again any time soon.
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The turn-off of the news ticker comes amid moves by U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration to ease nearly half a century of enmity between the United States and Cuba following Fidel Castro’s 1959 Revolution.

Obama has already rolled back a number of hard-line policies against Cuba, including the news ticker installed by his predecessor George W. Bush.
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“We’re taking it step by step, seeing if, as we change some of the old approaches that we’ve been taking, we are seeing some movement on the Cuban government side,” Obama told reporters on Friday in Washington when asked about Cuba.

How nice that this was done on 7/26 of all days.

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18 thoughts on “US Turns off News Ticker in Havana”

  1. If it is any consolation “the ticker” was switched off in June not in July. Lame ass move by US.

  2. Obama says he is seeing movement in Habana.
    That movement is the bellies of the Communist in laughter of how Obma keeps giving without anything in return.

  3. Cigar Mike, I’m sure that it’s not coincidental that they are reporting it on el 26 de julio, just like it wasn’t coincidental that Elian was kidnapped by Reno’s goons el 20 de mayo. It’s psychological warfare.

    We are dealing after all con gente bastante sucia.

  4. I would never forget the day they took Elian, what cowards they were.
    But that asshole Gore lost the election.

  5. George, thanks for the correction. That said, I remember that Senator Bob Menendez of NJ was furious and mentioned something about the date of Elian’s abduction being important to Cubans and that it was doubly hurtful that it happened at that time. Oh, I remember, I think that it was Easter week or something.

  6. Look, this is nothing, just a minor symptom of a serious disorder. Obama and company are hardly likely to do any more for Cuba than they’re doing for Honduras. Actually, Cuba will get even less real help or support. But I expect the likes of Joe Garcia still think (or will say) that Obama was the right choice, so who am I to talk? I’m just one of “those people,” and you know how they are.

  7. Needless to say, it’s only a matter of time before the banished bust of Winston Churchill gets replaced by one of Neville Chamberlain in the Oval Office. There may already be one in Obama’s bedroom.

  8. Just remember Nov. 2010 vote and vote often and also Nov. 2012, if all goes well by the end of Jan. 2013 all these guys will be completely out of power.
    Now who is going up against Obama?

  9. I guess July 26 is the day where the absence of a message would be most obvious to a reporter in Havana. It isn’t that the State Dept. announced that it was stopping messages, it just appears that the FT reporter noticed it and did follow up.

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