For the Ladies of Babalu


Last night I posted the photo of one of the lady swimsuit models I photographed a few weeks ago on Fort Lauderdale Beach. Due to the lobbying by our own Claudia4libertad, and some of our other loyal female readers (Cubanita, Orgullosa de ser Cubana and Colena) I am now posting a shot of a male model I took during the same shoot. I posted this one in black & white to silence those critics who say I over-saturate pictures. Can’t say that about this one. I’m sure those critics will love this one too. And this guy also happens to have “Cuba” tattooed on his abs so it does keep up with our Cuban theme here at Babalu.

Enjoy ladies.

35 thoughts on “For the Ladies of Babalu”

  1. You have redeemed yourself, chico. Who says you oversaturate? Some dolt with no knowledge of nature photography, I’m sure.

    I’d like this poster size. Hubba hubba.

  2. Everything above “CUBA” is beautiful …

    Everything below “CUBA” is Heaven …


  3. Thank you Mike. I have always thought of you as a great photographer but this is your best work yet! My new pc wallpaper. Claudia definately poster size. And drillanwr I Agree 100%.

  4. Uh, well, it’s an impressive body for sure, but the face looks a bit, uh, dim. Possible patriotism aside, tattooing “Cuba” on your belly is not exactly a brilliant idea, but then again, I don’t suppose that’s losing him many dates.

  5. Know i know why God created men!!! Drillanwr , i completely agree. Asombra , i agree he’s probably not losing many dates but i have always found that men that look as sexy as him , are already unfortunately taken. :(. Claudia , wouldnt it be nice postersized right on the wall next to bed? That would give us sweet dreams every night. Mike you are an amazing photographer and Thank you!!!

  6. P.S. Hope you don’t mind I’ve been tweeting a lot of Babalublog posts on the #honduras board. Great ammunition against the TON of chavistas paid to post there.

  7. We can use all the anti-communist support we can get from other tweeters at #honduras! I’m gatorgab over there.

  8. Val –

    In all reality, your mug is better.

    Cangrejero de Caibarién –

    About to add you to my Follow list. Look for the alert in your email … then add me to yours (same name as you see here)

  9. Cangrejero de Caibarién –

    Cripes your tweets are going to give my online translator a workout!

    One friggin yr of high school Spanish class (and directly AFTER I spent my lunch period sharing ‘smoke’) … and here now is my punishment.

  10. @drillanwr – LOL. We implemented a new firewall here at my company and it blocks most of the links from twitter – go figure!

  11. Dammit Mike! I knew Val was going to find out what you did to his photo!

    Colena- I showed this to some friends and we all came to the conclusion that if we had access to someone who looked like this, we would only be able to stare at it. (him)

  12. “Dude, the only six-pack you have is in your fridge…”

    Ohhhhhhhhh! THAT sounds like a throw-down, Val.

    Gather `round, girls. Our version of “chick fight” might be brewing … HEH!

    Can you guys haul in a pool of mud and fight in your BVDs?

  13. Drill, only if Val pretends to be French Canadian and wears Speedos… (That’s a SoFla joke.)

    Claudia, “we would only be able to stare at it,” is about par for the course…

  14. Wait … what flavor Jello?

    I don’t like that peach crap. Lime might be best, considering it’s SoFla and all …

  15. Ay, mamá!! I am with drillanwr 100%!

    A cualquiera le da un infarto… and Mike, that picture is perfect, as well as the model. With a six pack like that one, anyone could happily get drunk on a daily basis, or even better, decide just to stare at it… never mind, I’m getting drunk already. The perfect eyedrops for any teary eyes.;-)

    Claudia, Speedo-clad? Qué mala eres!
    Guys, I don’t care about the flavor of the jelly, but if you are doing it, you’ve got to get on youtube so we, Cubanitas spreaded all over the US, can take a peek.

  16. Cubanita- regarding poster-size: I have a life-size cut out of Duane (The Rock) Johnson. I think a life-size cut-out of this guy would look great next to The Rock. Now, I wonder if my husband would mind if I kept it in the bedroom….

  17. What would you ladies think about the Babalu men in a calender wearing speedos? lol. Any thoughts on that?

    Claudia , The Rock? Girl you have good taste. He was the only reason why i ever watched wrestling , just to see him.

  18. colena

    Did you just add me to your Twitter follow list?

    Let me know so I can request a Follow of you.


  19. By the way Mike, you take awesome pictures as I looked into the Grand Canyon pictures.

    Is obvious that you like photography and have talent for it.

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