En Cuba No Falta Nada

Last year I put together this video comparing Cuba de ayer con Cuba de hoy for the blog.  I just watched again it today and thought I would share it with those of you who may not have seen it when I first posted it.   The comments section has an interesting exchange between some pro-Castro viewers and well, those with a brain.


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  1. In the show In the Heights a character sings of La Vibora in Cuba in 1943. I looked it up on Google. All I got was a gorgeous area with modern buildings and lots of activity. It was a tourist brochure of how to get there to see all the sights. I find it hard to believe that this clean, undamaged area was a true picture of a touristy place in Cuba today. Can anyone enlighten me on this?

  2. Alley Kat.
    All I did was go on google and ask about la Vibora Cuba. They gave me lots of touristy looking things.
    I don’t know what you mean by a link. Are you familiar with this place in Cuba? My question was does it look as good today as they show it?

  3. Honey,

    I’ll find out for you. I do know though that there are some places that the government has restored for tourism. These are public places and if you walk a block in any direction the true scenary and the true lives of Cubans are there. Very little tourists make it into those places, as even “tourist taxi drivers” (Taxis only allowed for tourists) are advised not to take tourists into those areas.

    BTW a link is the address of the web-site you saw when you clicked on it from Google. It is simple, all you have to do is; onces you’re in the desired website you copy the entire address up in the address bar and then paste it where ever you want to share the website you were on.

  4. Honey,

    I’ve got some info. There are various things that come to play in your question. As I said before, the Cuban government has restored some tourist areas, but in ohter instances, the house or building were abandoned by or taken away from families in the revolution’s early years, and given to different types of government organisms or government officials, as well as some athlete or artists. The governemt gifts houses often to buy support. Those houses are kept up, to keep up the lie, just like the touristy places.

    Also some areas are cleaner than others depending on the moral fiber of a particular block or community. There are some neighborhoods where the residents, aside from the hardships take a little more care of the area around their homes more than in other place. I’m told that houses or buildings that were constructed in the 1940s and 1950s are particularly strong and have withstood the decades, and if the residents of said homes can get their hands on some money from family abroad or from doing black market deals, risking their necks, they can keep them relatively presentable.

    I’d have to show the person I asked the particular pictures you saw, as this person is from la Vibora and has only been in the US three months, so he’s up to date on what is real or not. That is probably why Alley Kat asked you for the link the to website you found on Google.

    Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

  5. If you ever feel in a combative mood, go to YouTube for the following entries: Che, Cuba, The internationale, Soviet Union, Lenin, Marx, Castro, Benicio del Toro. You will invariably find inane comments by leftists eulogizing these entries. I love to go there and snipe at the leftists. (and I could use a little support.)

  6. I hate to say it, but if you travel through parts of America you will see homes as bad as anytihng in Cuba (think, like, Detroit, and parts of the deep south).

    No one here will believe me, but I’ve actually traveled through a little bit of Cuba. If you have questions, ask, and I will answer as best I can.

  7. Honey, no, not to my knowledge. I was in Havana and some small towns in the hinterlands. They were small and I do not recall their names (though the names might be in my travel diaries, I would have to look).

  8. I don’t what specific pictures are you talking about here, but I thought I could offer some fresh perspective. I can tell you that most of Havana, as I write this words, is falling apart.

    La Vibora, the neighborhood, is destroyed and the areas closer to la calzada de 10 de octubre are the worst. The weight of the camellos stomping in that crucial street have cause irreversible damage in a lot of building that are historical and architectural jewels. This is an area with a very soft soil underneath and the lack of proper street manteinance always made a stree hard to “navigate”. The camellos just brought the killer move.

    The “good looking” places are located in the Old Havana, where Eusebio Leal is managing the area like a private property and they money he gets from tourist he is reinvesting in repairing the buildings and the historical sites. He started this more or less in the 1990’s. And, of course, the Miramar area, to the west, where all the embassies, bigger hotels and the houses of the big fishes of the goverment are.

    As I said, the entire city looks like a huge landfill. Even hotels that are considered “the best” are stinky and look dirty. And let’s not even go to describe the hotels the goverment recently designated to hosted the Venezuelans that are touring the island with chavez’s “misiones bolivarianas”, they already look like recently built solares. The Neptuno and the Triton and two of them and they look like hit by ten hurricanes in a row.

  9. Thank you, Cubanita.
    If you go to google, the first entry on La Vibora is a collection of gorgeous, inviting pictures. They have gotten thousands of viewers and been downloaded.
    This is all part of the same syndrome as Bill Murray and company above and Mr. Fontova’s post about strange double standards.
    How is it that people that go to visit Cuba do not see the decrepitness? I’m not talking about the ones busy drinking and whoring, but the students who come from affluent homes here or Bill Murray and company and such.
    What a sad world we live in.

  10. Honey, they see how decrepit everything is, but they see it through red colored lenses. They have been told that all the misfortunes of the Cubans are due to the evil US embargo. Never mind that Cuba trades with much of the world, and that any benefits go right into the pockets of the ruling elitists. People see, but they do not really question. Does this surprise you any? DO you see people in this country (other than those of us right-wing-wackos) actually questioning what should be so blatantly obvious that it bites you in the nose?
    As far as the manicured streets that you see, like others have said, sure, some areas receive a make-up band aid so that they can parade their tourist herds around it. It’s all part of the great machinery of deception. It’s all the same garbage Honey, the devil of communism does nothing creative, it only puts out falsehood and misrepresentation.

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