17 thoughts on “Blasphemy”

  1. There is an unanswered question as to how The Joker’s face became scarred. Each victim he threatens he changes the story.

    Which leads me to believe HE “victimized” himself in his own fit of self-importance and self-centeredness … and then lays imaginary blame on everyone else for making him their victim.

    The analogy here is those in our society, that we saw during the election cycle last summer that were ‘played to’, victimize themselves 99.99% of the time … Making excuses for NOT getting the education provided for them in our public school system, not getting out and motivating themselves to grow and excel in a job or business … but to sit back and complain about the accomplishments and drive of others who have set high goals. They now are being told these folks are evil and must be siphoned from by the vampires in DC. But you see, those poor wankers aren’t going to get the belly-full of rich people blood they are being fooled into thinking. They will wait in line with the rest of the useless dregs and receive the single drop in their palm and be told to move it along now … and their hate and spite and need and greed will grow.

    The joke’s on them … not we who saw through the make-up to the real face staring us down.

  2. There’s one problem however …

    to your average leftie in LA – they’ll think “awesome photo” I’m gonna get that on a t-shirt, and it will actually promote socialism to them and the “awesome joker”.

  3. Mr. Mojito –

    I gotta say one thing, though … That make-over they did on Barry’s wife Angela Davis is pretty damn good!

    Wondering if that surgery is covered under ObamaCare.

  4. This is obviously racist. They put white paint on him. Somebody call Jeremiah Wright. He’ll straighten this out.

  5. It just might be a growing trend across the country, folks.

    Found this one late last night. It’s in Atlanta, and if you think the “white-face” is racist … this one looks to have been pasted on the side of a chicken shack. (Yikes)

    I included a link for the high resolution so you can print off the O`Joker posters.


    My Kurt the Infidel is currently plotting to make several copies and begin decorating hospitals, banks, and car dealers throughout Cincinnati.

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