Latest Pilgrimage To Cuba by Hollywood-ites explained

“there is speculation that it’s some sort of mob-in-Havana pic. James Caan, Robert Duvall and Bill Murray are attached to the double-secret project,”

Entire thing here.

Another “documentary” in the making no doubt, as it will be treated by the type of people who buy the t-shirts shown in the post below…..

Wonder if the Castro Regime just might help the directors with this movie??–as they helped Soderbergh with his and TJ English with his book, (an interesting read, actually, the problem is bookstores keep misplacing it in the “non-fiction,” shelves ) on which I wouldn’t be surprised to learn this movie will be based??

…..just ‘wonderin


4 thoughts on “Latest Pilgrimage To Cuba by Hollywood-ites explained”

  1. Interesting. The same guy that lent Bill Clinton the private jet to pick up the reporters held hostage in North Korea.

  2. Humberto,

    Look up the article again, I left the F-ers a comment.
    Just check fcommies comments.

  3. Humberto, if your suspicion is correct, and it’s more than plausible, Murray may be out to “atone” for the sin of collaborating with “The Lost City” (and plenty of Hollywoodites would see it as a sin, even though they would never condemn the likes of Michael Jackson, for instance, not to mention serial adulterers, who are as common as dirt among them). Duvall and Caan may simply be tired of being inconsequential old news, and a flashy Cuba-related project is always good for publicity and notoriety. As long as it remains fashionable and trendy to flirt and play along with Castro, Inc., the show biz and MSM abominations will not stop. The perpetrators not only expect to get away with it, they expect to profit from it, materially and/or image-wise. It’s a sick racket, but after all, we’re talking about sick people. Just ask Michael Moore.

  4. Hollywood needs us. We don’t need Hollywood.

    The mainstream media needs us. We don’t need it.

    They’re alla buncha geeks. Ever’ last one of them.

    Some get upset about what Moron Dowdy said in her NY Slimes ‘column’ while others chafe at Snat Sour’s anti-gun prattlings on that dumpy old ‘Today Show’ or whatever the heck sick gig it is he pimps for.

    Much healthier to pull weeds, the garden, ain’t it? Go snorkeling. Hike. Listen to ‘voices of hate on shortwave’. listen to exitos Cubano. Hit the beach. To get excellent insights into liberal politics, clean the litter box. Hang upside down at night in the cupola. Anything.

    Anything but having to endure the tripe these geeks puke out.

    Dr. Zecchino’s Rx: For fast relief, ignore media geeks.
    Especially hollywood communists.

    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasota Key, Florida
    06 August, 2009

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