10 thoughts on “Obama’s CDRs and Bolivarian Brigades–ATTACK!!”

  1. I am confused. Why would unions want Obama care to pass? I thought they had they best coverage. Is it because Obama promised them that their coverage will not be affected.
    So it’s just threats and intimidation against anyone who differs with Obama, then?

  2. Come on, Humberto. Bolivarian Brigades? Please. These are labor guys. In the early 1970s in New York the forefathers of the the union guys described here were on Wall Street bashing the skulls of hippies in what came to be known as the “Hard Hat Riot.” When those union men used violence–and substantially more violence than anything we have seen lately–guys on the Right were calling them patriotic Americans. Now, because they have broken with the bastard children of Goldwater–I don’t know how else to describe the yahoos who can’t decide if tonight is “Obama-is-a-Kenyan” night or “Obama is a Socialist” night–they are Bolivarian goon squads. Ya esta bueno.

  3. Sorry, cab, no. Look, we have to stop this business of moral equivalency.
    It’s what I hated about LecCarre. He tried to equate the KGB operative with the CIA operative. They are merely both doing their jobs as if what the KGB was defending was equal to what the CIA was defending.
    I have no idea who you mean by the bastard children of Goldwater or who has broken with them. I will tell you wherever Obama came from, his behavior defines him as a power mad communist who wishes to destroy our system and freedom anyway he can. It is his own speeches and his own tactics that teach me that.
    The rebels of the 60’s and 70’s were destructive anti American twerps. I don’t remember union thugs banging their heads. I remember union thugs bashing strikers and scabs. But don’t try to soft soap these creeps in this incident by saying when it’s those we don’t like that get it, we think it’s okay.
    I don’t remember anyone calling union thugs patriotic Americans ever. I only remember us calling them thugs.
    If I am angry with rebels who want to break our traditions down, that’s a logical way to feel. But there is no way to find comfort in the way these guys behaved and I wish the outrage would spread to all Americans and make more people angry with Obama and his cronies and their tactics. And, sorry, these protesters are right and pro American.
    There ARE goodies and baddies here. Don’t try to water this down by strange comparisons. I often wanted to see some of those radicals of the past get their comeuppance and was disappointed they were treated with kid gloves too often. I am not proposing head bashing of anyone, so don’t say that I am.
    Nothing and no one should condone or belittle any people who beat up quiet Americans who are complaining that this administration is stealing our country. If Obama and company are right, their ideas should hold sway and they should not fear free people disagreeing with them. The fact that the other side feels there is a need to send in thugs to manhandle and intimidate, or a need for insults and false characterizations of our protesters like this means they know that their IDEAS can’t win on their own merit. As it says on another post, Obama wants us to just SHUT UP.

    Please, don’t help out tyrants.

  4. [warning – off topic, dark humor comment ahead]:

    Does anyone else at least find it a little ironically comical that he was passing out flags that said “don’t tread on me” … and then a bunch of Commie hooligans “treaded” on his face.

    [back to normal programming]

  5. firefly,
    Thank you. I couldn’t figure out why union people would bully others to support universal health care.
    Now, if you are correct, I would like this to be disclosed and I would like Acorn to get some punishment for it and be exposed for what it is, a mob of criminals. I don’t know what SEIU does.

  6. Honey,

    I took the weekend off so I apologize for the delay in answering you.

    It is perfectly reasonable to not know about a historical event but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. In the Spring of 1970 in New York, members of the New York Building and Constructions Trades Council along with other labor union members beat the living sh*t out of peacful protestors calling for an end to the war in Vietnam and holding a vigil for the kids killed at Kent State. The architect of that action and of a later protest by labor union members in favor of President Nixon’s policies was Peter Brennan. A few days after the Hard Hat Riot, Brennan and his colleagues were in the White House giving Nixon an honorary hard hat and some time after that he became the Secretary of Labor for Nixon. While Brennan is a complex figure in the history of U.S. Labor, there is no question that he was embraced and embraced back the Nixon administration. Nixon himself called them “patriotic” after the riot. I’m not going to engage on whether President Obama is a “power mad communist who wishes to destroy our system and freedom anyway he can” because that is just out and out crazy talk. I wasn’t one of those opponents of President Bush who called him a fascist because I don’t believe these labels help us have meaningful conversations about issues like health care and the role of government in the workings of our economic system. I will say that in the 1940s and early 1950s when this country was engaged in serious debates over the possibility of a single payer health care system the proponents of the system were also called communists. 60 years later our health care system is one of the most expensive and least dollar-for-dollar efficient systems in the world. There is no one reason for this–not the lack of tort controls and not the avaraciousness of Big Pharma–there are many. And the longer we continue to accuse everyone who disagrees with us of being a communist or being a lapdog for the medico-industrial complex, the longer we will go without a serious debate about how to fix the system.

  7. Cab,
    Alright, I’ll give you the peaceful protesters history on this. I didn’t remember any of that so I can’t argue what I don’t know.

    There is no attempt at name calling in my description. When my liberal friends or Air America called Bush stupid or evil, that was name calling because he is neither.

    When I call Obama a power mad communist out to destroy freedom any way he can, I am describing him according to his own speeches and his own actions. What else can you call a man who has already spent more than all of the presidents before him combined, and most of his spending has even kicked in yet? That is a man out to destroy our economy. What else can you call the man who sided with the Mullahs of Iran rather than the citizens who were defrauded in this election? I call him a destroyer of freedom. Can you picture Bush or Reagan siding with AminIneedajob?
    What else can you call the man who sides with Zelaya, who broke Honduran law, and Chavez and Castro, and Ortega, against the people of Honduras? This same man who very recently defended his outrageous stance on Iran by saying, we don’t meddle, then goes ahead and meddles in Honduras instantly. Disgusting. What else can you call a man who, in the face of Arab terrorism and Arab killing of civilians whenever they get the chance, blames all of the world’s ills on Israel?

    Health care? Revisionist history, or history begins where you want it to when you want to win an argument, or leave out what doesn’t suit your argument.

    When I was a child in the 40′ and 50’s everyone got good health care. An office visit was $5. and if you couldn’t afford it, no questions asked, the doctor treated you for free. He was your neighbor. Doctors made house calls. The poor did not have to wait for hours in any emergency room and got the best health care because they were cared for by the staff and interns and residents. What destroyed medicine in this country was Medicaire, pure and simple. Doctors initially made out well. I know from personal experience. But hospitals overnight saw the effects of this terrible program. Reagan warned us and we didn’t listen. Overnight a hospital room went from $25. a day, $30. for a private room, to a thousand dollars a day. And very shortly thereafter, rooms cost five thousand dollars a day. Then hospital stays, which for a delivery used to last five days to a week, went to overnight stays. And very shortly after doctors and hospitals got reimbursed pennies on the dollar.
    So, let’s review. Astronomically more expensive after Medicaire was passed, longer waits, no more house calls, less reimbursement and less is covered than before this part of socialized medicine came on line here. Oh, and yes, medicaire costs exponentially more than it was predicted to cost us and it is bankrupt.
    So what do you and Obama propose? That we do the same thing to our whole medical system and ruin it ALL.
    And I am sick of people talking about avaricious Pharmaceutical companies. When one gets seriously ill, it is those drugs and procedures that save us and lengthen our good health expectancy that we appreciate, not some government bureaucrat deciding we don’t need all that because the government can’t afford it. Incidentally, I am one of those 68% who is satisfied with her health care. The only thing I am not satisfied with is the way Medicaire and my supplement reimburse my doctors. That is a disgrace.
    And don’t knock tort controls.

    Obama is not a lapdog for anyone. He is his own man and he is in love with himself.
    I say Obama is a communist. Put him under a truth serum and he would agree that he is. What else can you call the man who wants to redistribute wealth by his own speeches?

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