4 thoughts on “CNN: The Castro News Network”

  1. Gee wiz, is there any doubt now where CNN’s political loyalties lie? They have been, are, and will continue to be apologists for the Left in this country and throughout the world. I wonder what Rick Sanchez has to say about this?

  2. Ummm….uh…uhhhh….huh-huh huh-huh huh….er, uhhhhh, like, um, this why they call it Ted Fonda’s Communist News Network?

    Yuh. Yuh. Cool, Butthead. CNN’s cool! Lets get some nachos and go work for CNN! Yuh. Communists are cool. They like, uh, uh, they like uh, uh, ummmm…..they’re cool.

    Uh…shutup, Beavis. Errrr, Yeah! Nachos. Nachos and Todd’s Gang! Ummm, I wanna be like Todd and his gang. He works for CNN now, Beavis. Todd is so coool ’cause, ummmm, uhhh, he writes for CNN!

    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    ManaBeavis’n’Butthead Key-toh
    08 August, 2009

    “A communist is someone who reads marx and lenin.
    An Anti-communist is someone who understands
    marx and lenin.”
    – President Ronald W. Reagan

  3. Like I always say, the tyranny doesn’t have to sell Gramma [Cuba’s official organ] in the USA, the American mainstream media does a stellar job of spreading the dictatorship’s propaganda.

    What’s astounding is that Cuba vis-a-vis the USA, has become the classic tail-wagging-the-dog scenario. Here you have a small, bankrupt country that is manipulating the news outlets of the biggest, most powerful country in the world.

    Silly me. What am I talking about? This wouldn’t happen unless the American MSM weren’t in cahoots with the regime!

  4. Cuba has Slave Health Care… Let’s see

    In Cuba from the time children turn 11 they have to work EVERY summer of their lives in the “escuelas de campo” until they finish their education. This means children are working in the fields from sunrise to sunset in horrible conditions. Many of these children are given Machetes. Would you trust your 11 year old with a Machete?
    These children sleep, eat, and work at the camp. Parents are only allowed to visit twice a month. Please tell me… Has anyone ever heard the MSM acuse the Cuban government of using child labor?

    Once school resumes, these Pioneros (you have to be a pionero if you want that wonderful free education and free healthcare) spend after school hours and weekends in whatever “program du jour” the government comes up with.

    Once you finish university (the career that the government has dictated for you) you will earn Slave wages. The currency in which you get paid is not a legal tender per se. You see, the Cuban peso is worthless. You must have dollars or Cuban Convertible pesos to be able to subsist. In essence, you are working for free.

    Yes, I agree, Cuba has “free Medical.” The dollars and medicine Cuban get, they receive from families living abroad. From medicine, surgical equipment to bed sheets and toilett paper.

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