Major Castroite Swine Eulogized by Miami Herald


After 1/1/ 1959 the above gentleman’s main stock-in-trade was leading the chants of “Paredon!-Paredon!” on his radio show.

Even Time Magazine (!!!) had his number, denouncing him as Castro’s Goebbels.

Most Cubans of the time called him “La Cotorra de Castro” (Castro’s parrot)

So despicable were his actions and so slavishly did he serve Castro’s Stalinist regime that in July 1960 Cuban-freedom fighters of the group Resistencia Agramonte (many of them former anti-Batista fighters, btw) attempted to assassinate him in an ambush.

The freedom-fighters escaped but two innocent Cuban youths, Roberto Cruz and Balbino Diaz, were grabbed, charged with the attempt, and murdered by firing squad in La Cabana.

Many exiles know that Pardo Llada knew the boys were innocent but did nothing to save their lives. Oscar Haza pointedly asked Pardo Llada about this event when he was his guest.

You will search the “hard-hitting” and “investigative” Miami Herald story in utter, utter, utter vain for any hint of any of the above, though dozens of first hand witnesses to Pardo Llada’s criminal swinishness probably live within a five mile radius of the Miami Herald building.


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  1. Humberto, thank you once again for revealing the truth. Most of us grew up not knowing all the facts, only that he fled the island and his daughter was a noted journalist in the US who occasionally stood up to Fidel. However, I always wondered why he hung out in Colombia rather than here. Sadly, he is an early personification of those sorry bastards who gleefully supported Fidel until the Revolution bit them in the ass. Then they run off to freedom and capitalism to live the good life while others suffered the consequences of their actions. They are despicable and deserve the full measure of our disdain.

    I think the American version of that species is being created as we speak…

  2. Pardo Llada was a real scumbag…known for ripping people off in business deals in Cali, and paying exorbitant sums for protection.

    He bequeathed us with Bernadette “I Love Russian Literature” Pardo Llada, whom in a match made in Marx’s Hell married another goose stepping socialist!

  3. I had an uncle (passed away years ago)- a gentleman who apparently never used a swear word-not even when among male family members smoking cigars and throwing back some drinks during family get togethers. One day Pardo LLada’s name was mentioned, and I remember seeing his facial expression change to a frown while saying “Pardo LLada es un hijo de puta”.

  4. Doesn’t this strain of ‘gushing school-girl with a crush’ coverage of communist mass murdering thugs well explain why the mainscream media has become broke and irrelevant?

    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manarelevance Key, Fluorida
    08 August, 2009

  5. Well, we were never able to judge him for his nefarious deeds, but I’m sure there’s a higher authority taking care that he pays for all he’s done. As it is he got to live a long life, something he denied to many.

  6. The Herald article is misleading when it says that Jose Pardo Llada “joined the guerrillas led by Fidel Castro.” A few days before Batista’s downfall, Pardo Llada appeared in Fidel Castro’s rebel camp in the Sierra Maestra for some photo ops. In this photo
    Pardo Llada, with new shiny boots, clean shaven, groomed, and neatly dressed, embraces veteran revolutionary Luis Orlando Rodriguez.
    He then had other photos taken with last-minute arrivals like himself, all clean shaven, who a few days later descended from the mountains as liberators.
    Fidel Castro got so angry with Pardo’s ruse, that he assigned him to peel potatoes in the rebel camp kitchen. This earned Pardo the nickname “Pela Papas.”
    The Herald article also omits mentioning that Pardo asked for, and was denied political asylum in the U.S. because of his pro-Castro and anti-American radio diatribes. The U.S. denied him a visitor’s visa for decades.
    The Herald story got many of its facts from Marx Lesnick and therefore omitted that Pardo Llada in the late 1940s was intimate friends with Rolando Masferrer.

  7. This detestable SOB certainly did his part to sink Cuba into the hellhole it’s been in for half a century. After the deed was done, he hightailed it out of the stinking mess and had a VERY comfortable life in Colombia, where he died of old age. Obviously, earthly justice is a hit-and-miss affair, and Pardo-Llada “got away with it.” Yes, folks, yet another great Cuban. Perfidious asshole.

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