Real “Grassroots” Demonstrators

Obama and his administration, along with Democrats in the House, Democrat Party leadership, leftists in general, and the media have labeled the citizens attending town hall meetings and protesting the government takeover of health care as “astroturfers.” In other words, they are fake grassroots demonstrators working for, and taking instructions from, nefarious special interest groups.

Since every single poll taken in this country illustrates that a plurality of Americans are against ObamaCare, I believe the country would be better served if these so-called astroturfers took a lesson or two from those real demonstrators on the other side of the issue. One of the most important facets of public relations is image, and here is where I believe that these demonstrators against ObamaCare should start working.


In the picture above we have a gaggle of astroturfers. Notice the signs they are holding up. These signs were obviously manufactured in a large factory, no doubt owned by a corporate fat-cat that has made billions of dollars exploiting the proletariat. With such complex and attractive signs, these demonstrators have no hope of convincing anyone they are acting on their own.

Now let’s take a look at the pro-ObamaCare demonstrators.


It is obvious that these signs being held up by pro-ObamaCare demonstrators were created in someone’s kitchen using magic markers and crayons. So dedicated and humble are these demonstrators that they have even gone to the trouble of attaching yard sign posts to these posters, no doubt fashioned by artisan hands using only old wire hangers and a large stone in someone’s backyard.

This, my conservative friends, is what real grassroots is all about. We should watch and learn.

h/t: American Spectator

2 thoughts on “Real “Grassroots” Demonstrators”

  1. Great post Alberto. Obviously, the MSM ignores all this. Furthur proof of this is on Michelle Malkin’s website. She posted a link from a guy named El Marco. El Marco was at that demonstration, and he found some illegal immigrants holding pro health care reform signs. The funniest part of it is they had no idea what the signs said…

    Right after the picture with a sign saying “Healthcare for all Humanity”

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