They’ve actually read it…

…And Liberty Counsel is frightened by what’s in the bill:

We recently saw an overview of the healthcare bill being debated in Congress (HR 3200). We found the overview so alarming that we doubted its accuracy, so the staff in our D.C. office compared it to the voluminous bill.

What they found astonished us so much that we had to share it with you today. You can read our updated and revised overview of HR 3200 and you will be alarmed, too. (Here are links to the PDF and html versions.)

You can also read the text of HR 3200 – directly from a government website – to see for yourself how dangerous this government healthcare takeover would be.

Socialism, pure and simple.

8 thoughts on “They’ve actually read it…”

  1. Home Visitation Program? WTF? So basically if i were to get pregnant , they will deciede whether or not i can keep MY baby? Or if someone has cancer , they’ll decide if it is worth treating? I’m utterly fucking disgusted. I hope to God this bill doesnt pass.

  2. No shape. No form. No government healthcare bill.

    I’m sorry but I gotta bring up Glenn Beck’s show from yesterday. It’s deep, but if just a small percentage of this crap is in this bill … hidden between the lines and legal-speak, it is, as Sarah Palin pronounced, “EVIL”.

    If you didn’t watch Beck’s TV show yesterday here are some of the highlights:

    ‘You will know him by the company he keeps …’

    Just look at who, as Beck lays it out, Obama has surrounded himself with for this bill and in all things science-related.

    Be very afraid …

  3. Nope … was weird. Had a couple problems yesterday too. Delays in tweets showing up after posting them… I have 2 accounts so I can see my tweets on both names. I have no idea why I would be ‘flagged’ or being watched or whatever is going on. Compared to others I see that I follow or follow me I am pretty tame.

    Had a little trouble with my site the other day too. Wondering if Rahm has too much time on his hands.

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