3 thoughts on “Thinking the unthinkable?”

  1. Certainly, that is what should happen. The anger now seems to be ten times what it was in 1994 and it includes senior citizens.
    But what happens between now and then is what matters. And if Obama gets either cap and trade or card check or even one aspect of a health care plan passed, any one of these, it will be curtains for this country unless what he gets passed could be overturned in 2010.
    What is the possibility of a more right congress being able to overturn anything Obama gets passed?

  2. Honey,

    Congress can try to pass a new Bill. If the president vetoes the Bill both the House and the Senate, must come up with a two-thirds majority to over-ride the veto. Let’s hope we can win back the Congress in 2010.

  3. firefly,
    My question was not how to override a veto. My question was if they get an awful bill passed, would it be possible to revoke the new program or would it be written in stone?

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