Another “coup” in the Americas

No one seems to be paying much attention to it but another coup has occurred in the Americas. This coup, at least by the new definition given to the term that now includes the legal and constitutional removal of rouge and corrupt leaders, happened yesterday without much media coverage.

The suspension of the Turks and Caicos government and legislature by the imperialistic and dictatorial British government garnered nothing more than a yawn or two from the crack journalists that comb the world for right-wing atrocities. Few journalistic eyebrows were raised when the British appointed their own governor to watch over the former British colony until its citizens–actually, they are now once again the loyal subjects of the British crown–get their act together and form a government that the British approve of.

Turks and Caicos: Britain Takes Over Government

Published: August 14, 2009

Britain has imposed direct rule on the Caribbean islands of Turks and Caicos after an investigation found evidence of corruption among the territory’s officials. The British government said it had suspended the government and legislature of its former colony and put the London-appointed governor in charge. The British Foreign Office minister, Chris Bryant, said the suspension could last up to two years while Governor Gordon Wetherell “put the islands’ affairs back in good order.” Prime Minister Michael Misick, who was implicated in the investigation, resigned in March. His successor, Galmo Williams, called the move a “coup.” “Our country is being invaded and recolonized by the United Kingdom, dismantling a duly elected government and legislature and replacing it with a one-man dictatorship,” he said.

I suspect that President Obama will soon release a statement saying that the US does not recognize Gordon Wetherell as the new leader of the Turks and Caicos and soon thereafter, the Obama State Department will revoke his US visa, as well as Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s visa.

See what happens when you start broadening the definition of terms?

3 thoughts on “Another “coup” in the Americas”

  1. Break Turk and Caicos to the United Nations, break Turk and Caicos to the United Nations. Got your ears on? Over

  2. Alberto, great pick up!

    Do you think the OAS will take this up tomorrow???
    Followed by Ban Ki-Moon at the UN?

    Lest we forget that organizational paragon of democracy and liberty, the ALBA, should have a statement soon from Bolivar’s direct descendant, Hugo Rafael Chavez!

    Forget about Wetherell and PM Brown, they need to pull Queen Elizabeth II’s visa, Prince Charles, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince William, Prince Harry, et al, right wing “coup” leaders, for sure!

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