No basta decir pa’lante, hay que saber pa’dónde.

I came across this slide show entitled “La Vida Diaria en Cuba” on AOL tonight that accompanied an article about last month’s 56th anniversary of el Dia de la Rebeldía Nacional in Cuba and the lousy economy and broken promises of today and whether life for Cubans has changed.  It seems that with all the misery on the island that the Cubans endure, all the civial rights violations, the poverty, the never-ending crisis, the solution remains:  put up or shut up, that is, leave or deal with it.  

For the past fifty years the revolution has boasted about its success in sports, health and education but these days it doesn’t have the tools to to sustain any of them- they have champions but no stopwatches, doctors but no medicine, and teacher but no books. Yep.  That’s success for you.

You can read the article here and check out the slide show on the same page. (I’d link to it but I can’t seem to link directly to it, just to the article.) I’m impressed that it’s not the usual assortment of happy, go-lucky Cuban people photos and captions full of spin. 

The article is in Spanish.