El Culture De Corruption


Another Obama Administration crook avoids the pokey:

…This week, it’s failed Commerce Secretary nominee Bill Richardson. The decision to drop federal corruption charges against Richardson was made by…top officials in crime-coddling Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Injustice.

Well now, guess where old Bill was when Obama accepted his Get Out Of Jail Free card?

“I think enhancing cultural and artistic and educational ties is a prelude to diplomatic and commercial ties. It always happens that way… I’m for enhanced tourism travel for Americans.”

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson spoke these words to Associated Press journalists in Cuba, where he is this week, while he was on a tour of American writer Ernest Hemingway’s former home in San Francisco de Paula, east of Havana. On behalf of the state of New Mexico, Governor Richardson donated a replica of the vintage telephone Hemingway used in that home.

4 thoughts on “El Culture De Corruption”

  1. Visiting old red Hemingway’s finca were we?

    Isn’t it nice to visit other lands, see beautiful sights, and meet with agents of subversion?

    Who could see anything amiss in this? It’s perfectly consistent, isn’t it?

    How much more obvious can they make it?

    Do they need to wear red berets, as Michael Savage asked?

    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasoviet Key, Florida
    27 August, 2009

  2. Who’s President again? Carter,Clinton or Obama? Same shit different president.
    That poor Adolph Hitler he was just you know, misunderstood!
    If only Fidel had played for the Yankees, ha ha, sure and if Adolph had just been accepted by the
    German by Jews.

  3. I just love our Hispanic “brothers,” don’t you? But, after all, it’s only right that I should, considering how much they love US.

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