Obama’s roadmap for the destruction of America

Obama’s roadmap for “change,” is nothing new, just the latest manifestation of the failed system responsible for the death of hundreds of millions during the 20th century.  In a 1972 Playboy interview, Obama’s ideological mentor, Paul Alinsky laid it all out.  He shares his dark, bleak view of middle class life and talks about targeting them for radical change, in the fight for, as he puts it, to bring “progress to minorities.”  He doesn’t imagine empowering the poor though education, hard work and personal responsibility, the traditional route to success in America; the only solution that he see is to bring the middle class “onboard” the progressive agenda, because, “this is where the real power lies.”  What he was talking about of course is the dismantling of the middle class, and the destruction of civil society, what castro had recently accomplished in Cuba at that time.

Here we are decades later, and bit by bit, in accordance with the Goals of Communism, we seemingly are to the point where all Obama has to do is shove his programs down our throats quickly, before enough Americans wake up and do what is necessary to stop him.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview at Newsreal Blog:

PLAYBOY: Mobilizing middle-class America would seem quite a departure for you after years of working with poverty-stricken black and white slum dwellers. Do you expect suburbia to prove fertile ground for your organizational talents?

ALINSKY: Yes, and it’s shaping up as the most challenging fight of my career, and certainly the one with the highest stakes. Remember, people are people whether they’re living in ghettos, reservations or barrios, and the suburbs are just another kind of reservation — a gilded ghetto. One thing I’ve come to realize is that any positive action for radical social change will have to be focused on the white middle class, for the simple reason that this is where the real power lies. Today, three fourths of our population is middle class, either through actual earning power or through value identification. Take the lower-lower middle class, the blue-collar or hard-hat group; there you’ve got over 70,000,000 people earning between $5000 and $10,000 a year, people who don’t consider themselves poor or lower class at all and who espouse the dominant middle class ethos even more fiercely than the rich do. For the first time in history, you have a country where the poor are in the minority, where the majority are dieting while the have-nots are going to bed hungry every night.

Christ, even if we could manage to organize all the exploited low-income groups — all the blacks, chicanos, Puerto Ricans, poor whites — and then, through some kind of organizational miracle, weld them all together into a viable coalition, what would you have? At the most optimistic estimate, 55,000,000 people by the end of this decade — but by then the total population will be over 225,000,000, of whom the overwhelming majority will be middle class. This is the so-called Silent Majority that our great Greek philosopher in Washington is trying to galvanize, and it’s here that the die will be cast and this country’s future decided for the next 50 years. Pragmatically, the only hope for genuine minority progress is to seek out allies within the majority and to organize that majority itself as part of a national movement for change. If we just give up and let the middle classes go to the likes of Agnew and Nixon by default, then you might as well call the whole ball game. But they’re still up for grabs — and we’re gonna grab ‘em.

Read entire frightening two-part interview here.

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  1. Well, from what I remember ’72 was kind a bleak and dark – but that’s what Junior High is like for everybody anyhow, and you grow up.
    Seriously he’s a idiot, “the suburbs are just another kind of reservation” – that’s the same crap-talk I’ve heard from the mouths of affluent suburban kids from Palo Alto when they want more stuff from Mom and Dad, hell it came out of my mouth at some point during puberty when I felt the pure angst of a teenager – that I might die before I got laid. America provides them with Suburbs, a haven from the rawness of the inner-city and an achievable goal, but feeling denied some kind of “authentic experience” they want to throw it all back and go slumming.
    Sheesh, he’s a stupid romantic Advance-Placement punk, trying to doodle his own worldview on others, get laid by a Theater Chick, and start a Band all during Third Period Homeroom.

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