13 thoughts on “Meet your new Senator, Florida.”

  1. Cigar Mike,
    There are lawyers and there are lawyers. I always loved my lawyers. Isn’t that always the way. But, you know what I mean…
    And anyway, I do not include you. And my second sentence is the really important. one.

  2. I’ve worked with him with Broward Republican lawyers on 2000 election, 2002 and 2004 election.

    He’s a good guy. Not a lib and he should remain a reliable vote against Obama socialism.

  3. good guy or not this far from the most qualified candidate available. If he will hold any sway whatsoever in any discussion in the Senate it would be only because he would be seen as keeping the seat warm for future Sen. Charlie Crist – and don’t think this isn’t what is at play here. LeMieux is going as his advance scout.

    Politically the pick is nothing short of uninspired. Some latinos wanted one of their own to hold the seat (I really didn’t care) and conservatives were hoping that for once in two years Charlie would throw them a bone. This is a middle finger move to conservatives by Charlie – he’s picking his boy and when the time comes we are going vote for him anyway so why should he kiss our ass?

    This is crass political move and good guy or not conservatives can expect to get the shaft once Charlie takes his seat…unless of course we stop him.

  4. Perfect choice. For Crist, I mean. For Florida? Well, that’s not the critical issue here, now is it? If this was about picking the best possible person to represent Florida in the Senate, the first thing Crist would have to do is scrap his own plans to become US senator. I have no doubt Mr. Lemieux will do very well indeed. For Crist, I mean. He certainly wouldn’t get picked to do otherwise.

  5. Cardinal of course it’s a political move. These are politicians we’re talking about. Even they’re farts are timed for political purposes. It’s the nature of the beast. Let’s not be naive here.

  6. Mr. LeMieux may well be a very competent and loyal aide to Crist, but this appointment by the Governor marks the beginning of the end for Crist’s race for the Senate.

    Crist needed to appoint someone who has the “gravitas” or high degree of respect and influence from years of experience working with both political parties.

    Crist’s appointment of LeMieux, smells like a backroom deal, good ole’ boy cronyism with a strong after taste of corruption and political payback for “services rendered.”

    The Governor had an chance to shine but instead, he squandered this very important opportunity.

    This choice will only anger the conservative base even more than it is now and give much needed ammunition to the Democrats at a time when the Republican brand needs a much-needed boost.

    It is a grave mistake for the Governor to appoint his former campaign chief and former chief of staff to such a prestigious post as the United States Senate. No offense to Mr. LeMieux, personaly, it’s just the reality of the matter.

    Remember what Joseph “Joe” Kennedy always said:

    “It’s Not What You Are That Counts, It’s What People Think You Are That Counts.”

    The above quote may be unfair but we all know its true.

    Let’s Go Marco!

  7. CM – any move was going to political, of course, I can appreciate that. The issue is that it was poor choice for Florida, a poor choice for the party and a poor choice for conservatives. Pretty much means that LeMieux offers me nothing. If you wanted someone good for Florida Crist would have selected someone who has been in Washington longer than a page. If Crist wanted someone good for the party Crist would have selected someone with statewide party cred and maybe even some connections with Senators in DC. Finally if Crist would have wanted to appease conservatives he would have selected someone with something of a track record. Instead we have a “good guy” who frankly won’t get anything done for us.

    When Crist went for Gov I opted to leave that part of the ballot blank – I couldn’t bring myself to vote Dem. This time I am opening up my wallet to Marco and probably even going to volunteer. If Marco fails my ballot won’t be blank this time. I will vote for Meek – I would rather vote for a real Dem than a DIRC (Dem In Republican Clothing). Crist is no RINO – he’s no more Republican than his buddy Obama.

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