Our Dear, dear, Hispanic brother Bill Richardson in Havana

“Last night I had dinner with my friend Ricardo Alarcon.

“the U.S. government should allow more American business leaders, athletes, artists and academics to come to this country, let Cuban biotechnology products be sold on the U.S. market and permit Cubans to attend scientific and business conferences in the United States.

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In other words, Gov. Richardson: We should award a Stalinist, terrorist-sponsoring regime that clame closest to Nuking us, everything we’re denying a perfectly democratic one, that is desperately trying (despite the best efforts of our State Dept.) to protect America’s most important military base in the hemisphere, from being turned over to Hugo Chavez by Zelaya….

But I see your point. After all, as Elton John and Gladys Knight sang: “That’s what friends are for!”

Absolutely Un-Freakin-real

8 thoughts on “Our Dear, dear, Hispanic brother Bill Richardson in Havana”

  1. And other things friends are for:
    Getting you off the hook when you have committed crimes and it so bothersome to have to pay all of those legal fees. Next step, now that your record has been cleared, more influence in our government.

  2. No suprise here, they just want to do business with their friends, the lack of freedom in Cuba and its people don’t matter all that matters is that they can enrich themselves after all they own the farm.
    Those poor poor Castro’s pobrecitos los ninos, esos yankee’s malo, mami, mami!

  3. he’s such a bullshit artist. When I met him when he was running as a candidate for President, I spoke to him about the Cuba situation and he assured me that no concessions would be made unilaterally. Obviously he was playing to the audience. You can never trust any politician.

  4. “We should award a Stalinist, terrorist-sponsoring regime that clame closest to Nuking us,”
    Left something out, ” We should apologize for the suffering of the Cuban people at the hands of a cruel and senseless embargo that only serves to hurt the Cuban people.”

  5. Mike,
    Richardson sounds like Obama. No wonder they are friends and allies.
    I don’t trust most politicians. But some have been trustworthy. Reagan most of the time. I am not yet willing to say “never trust any.”

  6. Asombra, I’m sure that Barney Frank is just a little bit “slimier”, or shall I say “stickier”, especially on the face (dadumcha!) 🙂

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