All our fears are unfounded…

The liberal yahoos keep telling us we’re crazy and there is no threat of America turning into a fascist state under Obama and his gang. All our warnings are based not on facts, but in the deeply entrenched racism that lives in our hearts, they tell us.

Well, someone better tell that to this police officer who is apparently suffering from an acute case of Freudian Slip: “It ain’t [America] no more, ok?”

Yeah… we’re the crazy ones.

9 thoughts on “All our fears are unfounded…”

  1. Congrats. to the guy who shot the video. This needs to be aired on national television. Officer cheeks neeeds at least some remedial training.

  2. I’m shocked, appalled, disgusted and feisty with this video. Seen it 4 times just to try to comprehend it’s origins and implications.

    You have to kind of fall back, as far as your peripheral political vision takes you, and try to develop a long-term perspective on all that has happen in the short 223 days since Obama came to power. I didn’t say “sworn-in”, I said CAME TO POWER.

    Very troubling signs is what you see all over the place. Jeremiah Wight and Bill Ayers; spend like there’s no tomorrow; gargantuan deficit and national debt to be repaid by the next three generations; nationalization of long-standing American businesses; appeasement + appeasement + appeasement to our enemies (of all shapes and colors including the Cuban Hyenas); not-so-subtle persecution of political adversaries; MSM’s Goebbelsian infatuation and lies; Fairness Doctrine; Cap & Trade; Obamacare and on, and on, and on…and now this seemingly insignificant incident in the video, IT AIN’T AMERICA NO MORE OK! One thing this maniac got right is that it AIN’T the America we love! The lunatics are running the asylum…

    Socialist extremist Jose Serrano (D, NY), of all people, has introduced the REPEAL of the 22nd. Amendment (two-term limit of the Presidency. Obama President-For-Life?

    Were are we going people? And if the answer is what I think it is, come 2012 we’ll be fighting for everything we hold dear in this beloved Nation of ours. Obama HAS to defeated in his reelection bid. So wake up, quit channel surfing in your TV, get off your rear-ends and let’s start relentlessly working NOW to defeat these socialists that are trying to destroy, not change, the foundations that made America the Greatest Nation in the history of the World.

  3. I am so relieved to see that Americans from all walks of life are waking up to my bad dream. I thought I was the crazy one and maybe my parents just had unbelievable stroke of bad luck when they had their assets taken over and even their social security income confiscated (Documented) … Something I didn’t think was possible …
    then I started blogging and I started getting letters far and wide and realized that this wasn’t an isolated incident but that it was happening to elders from Key West to the coast of Maine I then made the painful decision to gather whatever assets I could and take what was left of my family to safer waters… May God help us all as we face the most difficult task of all…
    Like the officer said “I can charge with anything I want to.”
    Say Good Bye to a “Nation of Laws” say Hello to ” Fascism.”
    Hail the government because We the People haven been bamboozled,tattooed and screwed.

  4. I agree with the protestor. I just wish he wouldn’t come off as squirly, something about his voice and demeanor reminds me of the code pinkos.

    The man should have documented the issue, asked the officer for his badge #, and then filed a formal complaint. Not gotten into a verbal argument with the cop about it (those are leftie tactics usually).

  5. raylove54, where are these safer waters?

    I am waiting for some leftie to see this and say look how a right wing thug of a police officer behaves. It’s time we on the left took our country back.

  6. Honey, don’t take this personal but I once also thought that the US was a bastion of freedom and democracy and that there wasn’t anything better… I’m a little hesitant to give way my location on the internet but let me say this: My quality of life here has improved 100%
    there are many opportunity for bilingual businessmen with our training and background, I am amazed how well society runs with so few restrictions and laws, I’m not penalized for owning real estate in the form of taxes,and as far as freedom , now I realize that on a scale of 1-10 in the United we owe points….Here you can do pretty much whatever you want, no body tells you how to landscape your yard,or where to cross the street, even red lights are optional, if it’s am in the morning and there is no one coming you are expected to cross the street!
    Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be, where common sense and human values trumps over laws and regulations? I know it sounds unreal you really have to be here, but unless you value quality of life strictly in material goods, believe me you it’s culture shock when you realize the best it actually the worst…

  7. I know some people here are going to take issue with the worst: but if the police can charge you with anything they want anytime they want, brazenly as they brag “This ain’t America” not for you suckers! If the SWAT can bust your door down, kill your pets terrorized your family,and then call it a mistake : If you landscape your yard you can face an eager green code enforcer with satallite photos of your yard who then gives you a $100 a day fine for using rocks not indigent to the area: If you spend thousands drawing up Wills, Trusts and POA’sand then they tell you that it’s all worthless that a guardian determinations trumps legal documents and your property confiscated anyway:
    A recent investigative report about Jean and Michael Kidd, a Texas couple whose lives are now controlled by a Collin County court-appointed guardian illustrates the reality of how Americans targeted in probate venues by governmental bureaucracies and tagged as “incapacitated” can be subjected to a loss of civil liberties and/or confiscation of their property.

    If you don’t think that’s not living in the worst police state you can imagime, then we have nothing else to discuss…

  8. Well, raylove54, are you in John Galt’s valley?

    I do not see what you see in this country. At least I didn’t see it until this administration.

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