Vote the bums out? 57% say “YES!”

From Rasmussen Reports™ come a new poll that says 57% of Americans would replace entire Congress:

If they could vote to keep or replace the entire Congress, just 25% of voters nationwide would keep the current batch of legislators.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 57% would vote to replace the entire Congress and start all over again. Eighteen percent (18%) are not sure how they would vote.

Overall, these numbers are little changed since last October. When Congress was passing the unpopular $700-billion bailout plan in the heat of a presidential campaign and a seeming financial industry meltdown, 59% wanted to throw them all out. At that time, just 17% wanted to keep them.

There has been a bit of a partisan shift since last fall. With Democrats controlling both chambers of Congress, it’s not surprising to find that the number of Democrats who would vote to keep the entire Congress has grown from 25% last fall to 43% today. In fact, a modest plurality of Democrats would now vote to keep the legislators. Last fall, a plurality of Democrats were ready to throw them all out.

Not surprising in the least. Republican Reps and Senators who have lost their souls to the big government beast, beware…

6 thoughts on “Vote the bums out? 57% say “YES!””

  1. This is never a choice I would make because there are a good number of Club for Growth candidates that conservatives worked hard and gave money to get in. I want them all to stay. No, I prefer just to vote the bad ones out.
    But I do think these poll results are interesting to know about.

  2. If this is true, then why do the same people keep getting reelected term after term? I say fire them all! Vote each and every one of them out of office! In 2010! It’s time to start over with an all new congress.

  3. Look what I said above. This is an incorrect choice. I firmly disagree with Gigi and elemaza.

    We must vote out only our enemies. If a football team keeps losing, it doesn’t make a clean sweep. It would take years to come back. You keep your strong players and replace the weak ones and you might even be able to come back right away.

    I want us to keep our allies. The Club for Growth people for starters are all our allies. And all other conservatives. You can easily find out which ones they are. There are lists everywhere of how they voted. Just a little research can help us choose which ones are our friends. And we need all of our friends to fight this diseased administration.
    Gigi’s and elemaza’s suggestion would fit the bill exactly for what Obama and company would like. A bunch of inexperienced legislators against his unamerican army of experienced America destroyers. So let’s have no more of this foolish suggestion about clean sweeps.

    There was something about Obama talking to all of the school students in America on September 8th during school hours. I am over 71 years old and have never heard of a president doing such a thing, not in war time, after 9/11, not ever. This cannot be good. I fear he will encourage them to be part of his army to improve our country, ugh, or spy on their parents to make sure they are doing good green living. Perhaps he will be okay. But I fear indoctrination and not of the good kind. What would you expect if he goes ahead as planned? Is anyone there going to be able to witness it? Claudia, you are a teacher. Will you be able to tape this and tell us about it if it goes on? Have you heard anything about this?

  4. The problem with the TV-addled American sheeple is that “vote ’em all out” usually means “except for our guy, he’s OK”.

  5. I watch a great deal of tv, not the news anymore, though. And my representatives are Alyson Schwartz, a rubber stamper for Obama, Casey, and Specter. Do you think I’d have any problem voting against them? Think Again.

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