“Castro is Brilliant!” says Playboy Model/Songstress

Aubrey ODay, expert on Intellectual Firepower
Aubrey O'Day, expert on "Intellectual Firepower"

Bimbo eruptions of Krakatoan proportions, amigos

……Actually, before we go off on her, consider: many, many anti-Castro people admit that Castro is extremely bright (in certain respects, perhaps shrewd might be a better term.)

And here this bimbo at least links him with Hitler? Something not often seen or heard in the MSM?

As always, our good friend Hannity came to our defense, but he might have asked her: “well, if you equate the two, would you have visited Nazi Germany and merrily “worked with” Hitler in say 1939?”

Still and all, considering what we usually get from these types, I’d call this “interview” at least a wash.


12 thoughts on ““Castro is Brilliant!” says Playboy Model/Songstress”

  1. Saw her on Hannity last night.

    I could say something about the level of usefulness of some females’ mouths … but I’ll behave.

  2. Did you guys hear the rest of the garbage she said? She’s all for teaching 5 year old children how to use condoms. Hello??? Even Mr. big-time liberal, Bob Beckle asked her to shut her pie hole because his kids were watching the show.
    Her implants have a higher IQ!

  3. Amigos, forgive me, but this kinda stuff is actually HELPING us. First Watson, now this! People normally uninterested in Cuban matters see it–and very, very easily draw conclusions.

    …in the old CANF days I mighta thought it was a crafty plot by Jorge….goading these idiots to say such things….


  4. All I know Humberto is that we have three and a half more years of this shit to put up with.

    No va a ser facil.

    These are some freaking insane times if you asked me.

  5. Not to stick up for miss implants, but one can be smart (“brilliant”) and evil. One doesn’t negate the other.

    Fidel would probably do well on an IQ test, but that doesn’t make his horrible acts any more just. Hell JFK had the “best and brightest” who stranded 2506 at Playa Giron.

  6. It’s not just that she doesn’t look real; she doesn’t even look human. Hell, with that much airbrushing and artificial manipulation, we could actually be looking at Nancy Pelosi here. The bimbo doesn’t just look synthetic, she looks scary (unless, of course, you’re into plastic blow-up sex dolls, in which case she’s to die for).

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