Message to Obama: Hell no, keep your hands off our children

Presenting the teachers classroom activity guide for their students, PreK-6 for Obama’s address to students across America. You can read the Department of Education guide here.

The classroom, and we’re talking preschool through 6th grade, is no place for politics, period. Young American children do not need to be talked to by any elected representative, and that includes the president. My children are grown, but if I had kids in school, I’d keep them home, and I’d damn well let my local board of education know why.

H/T: Rick Moore

19 thoughts on “Message to Obama: Hell no, keep your hands off our children”

  1. Ziva,
    It used to be Howdy Doody time.
    Now it’s ugh a doodle dandy time.

    This is disgusting but I’ll bet the teachers will be real enthusiastic about this.
    Can’t you just hear him?
    “Boys and girls, go home and make sure your Mommies and Daddies are doing their share to better America’s environment. Tell them to turn their thermostats down in the winter and up in the summer to help the environment. Make sure they keep to the right path. Soon I will be giving specific things I will want you to do to help the country. Even children can make sure everyone gets health care. Tell you Moms and Dads…. Join up with Obama youth. Urge your brothers and sisters and Moms and Dads to join the civilian army to make sure everyone gets his fair share. Tell your rich relatives to…..” Or something like that.
    I would like someone to tape it so we can analyze what he plans for us.

  2. Another great reason to home-school your kids, or in our case, make sacrifices to send them to private school.

  3. Precisely why we homeschool. In fact, I decided that my son’s eighth grade history curriculum this year will involve reading the documents of our founding fathers. Then we can discuss how far off track the country’s gone. I am committed to growing kids who know what they believe and why.

    This stinks of socialism.

  4. When I was in 6th grade, President Ford came to my town. I begged my parents to let me go see him and I had to get a note to get OUT of class. Big difference from have the One shoved down these kids throats. This is just creepy. Marta, I’m going to disagree with you about stinking of socialism. It sticks of Hitleresque indoctrination.

  5. My wife was with the school system until the early 90s. With each passing day, she’s ever more grateful she’s not.

    Yep, homeschooling protects kids from this deadly disease.

    WFTL 850’s great Joyce Kaufman hit it on the head yesterday, ‘we’ve made this guy Dear Leader….’

    Do your parents own guns? How many? What kind? Where do they keep ’em? Despite the toughest anti-gun laws in the country, guns kill over five hundred million people in chicago every day! Yes, kids, those guns gotta go. Call ACORNhole, tell ’em your folks own guns – they’re pro’s who’ll take it from there.

    Your parents only need one car, if that. They oughta ride one of our new ACORN buses. And w

    Don’t believe those rich ‘typical white person’s lies’ about mercury being dangerous. We’d like you to get in your parents’ faces, smash your parents’ evil capitalist incadescent bulbs, and replace them with safe mercury bulbs.

    But to be safe, have them installed by SEIU ‘professionals’.

    Now, kids, you know those Bibles you’re parents bitterly cling to…..?

    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasoviet Key, Florida
    02 September, 2009

  6. If I had kids in school right now, I would be pulling them out and homeschooling them. My daughter just went back to school full time to get another degree and I have discussed this with her. She has a great head on her shoulders and told me that I should not worry, her exact words were “you forget who my mom is”!!! I’m so proud of her.

    Marta, you are right…it stinks of socialism and we have seen this happen before in our childhood so we need to educate our kids and make sure that their friends also benefit from our knowledge. I made all of my daughter’s friends read Fontova’s books on fidel and che and actually quizzed them on it.

  7. Orgullosa de ser Cubana & Babalublog readers –

    Agree. Every one of Humberto’s books oughta be required reading for everyone, they identify communists, those likely to be used as their dupes, and their never-changing stale tactics.

    John Stormer’s 1964 book, “None Dare Call it Treason”, is another, masterwork that should be required reading by everyone.

    Someone on American Thinker yesterday noted that the commies always use the same old tactics from the same old playbook, and that the problem is that people miss the obvious because they haven’t read the book.

    Humberto Fontova’s books are a great eye-opener.

    Hmmm….kids, do your parents use more than one electric light at night…?

    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasota Key, Florida
    02 September, 2009

  8. What next — passing out red scarves along with the activity guide?

    The munchkins in my family are all grade school age, with only a couple of exceptions. I’ve undertaken purchasing for them the best illustrated books I can find about the republic and the real history of their country, just to stem the tide somewhat. We all can do our part in whatever way we can.

    BTW, I’ve looked at the books by Lynne Chaney – she has written several of them – and they are very nicely done, for the younger grades.

  9. I.Am.Appalled.

    I’ve been ranting about it this yesterday:

    This is a very sad deja vu; it has to be a nightmare…why on earth do I have to live all these, again? I thought my children will be free from those things that I lived back in Cuba. Sometimes I can’t help to wonder why if am not such a bad person, I am being punished like that?

    Self-pity aside, we, parents, need to take the lead. Be it homeschooling or showing up in the classroom next week, but something has to be done.

    This is unbelievable.

  10. This stinks of dictatorship. During Stalin’s time in Soviet Union, kids were so brainwashed that no matter what he did to their parents or people( execute or sending them to cons. camp), Kids were saying ” Thank You Stalin for our happy childhood”. OB is trying to do the same to our kids. Total control of future generation

  11. I say BOYCOTT. Don’t send them to school or take them out before Big Brother appears on screen. Obama has brazenly come out of the closet with his indoctrination plans. He’s on the warpath to recruit the kids and remake them in his image.

  12. I am livid!
    And my kids are in Private School, BUT I am in CA. SO, IF they do this next Tuesday SHE WILL NOT BE THERE!
    BTW, who is this aimed at if not OUR kids? If you support HIM, your kids get indoctrinated at Home and don’t need to waste school instruction time.
    Liberals are stupid as it is, they need all the class time they can get.

  13. I plan to go to school that day to ask if I can listen in.
    Imemart,liberals need all the class time they can get. Yes indeed, but it depends on what is being taught.

  14. As I write this my daughter is hard at work doing her biology lessons three feet away from me. The amount of teaching resources available to homeschoolers these days is overwhelming, and the rewards are priceless. My daughter was in private school for four and a half years, at which point I decided that even in that kind of a set up she was not safe from social re-engineering and socialist brainwashing. They are so determined on reaching our kids, that even teachers at private schools will sneak in their views whenever they get the chance.
    She will someday have to go to a college or university, but hopefully with God’s help, by that time she will have had her formative years in a sane environment, and will discern right from wrong….or should I say left?

  15. Alley K: some of the toughest andmeanest hard-core leftist teachers I’ve ever had were those in a Catholic high school in Miami. And that included the nuns and the brothers (priests). Nothing has ever topped that crowd since. The only antidote is to lay good foundations at home. Kudos to you.

  16. Honey,

    The torture hasn’t yet been deviced that could make sit through a whole day of Obama mania. I would be gaging the whole time. My grandkids will be staying home.

    I’m old enough to have lived through similar events when I was in elementary school in Cuba. Trust me, the time will come when Obama will ask the children to TELL on their parents if THEY ARE NOT DOING what THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO DO.

    No thank you. No matter how they disguise it it’s still INDOCTRINATION.

  17. My wife and I sacrifice a lot to send our kid to private school. I’m happy to report that my son’s school will not participate in this propaganda/brainwashing exercise next week. And if they did, my son would have the “flu” or “the runs” or “a cold” that day and would regretfully not be able to attend…

  18. They’ve asked the schools to prep the children for the speach by reading books about Obama to them. They haven’t release the speach to the media, and on the Schitt Show Today, some clerk at the White House said they wouldn’t be releasing the speach.

    WTF? I can’t believe this isn’t freaking 90% of Americans with children at school, because regardless of who the president is, I DON’T WANT HIM SPEAKING TO MY KID. My six grader is not old enough to realize the president is a politician first and foremost, cannot vote, is very impressionable. The state does not own my child in this country, and public schools should not be used as tools for indoctrination or politics.

    Permission slips should had gone out to ALL the parents with a text copy of what the president was going to say, with all rights to hold the child at home that day given to the parents, just as they do with field trips and movies.

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