Van Jones’ Resume Includes Support of Cop Killer




 Van Jones, the czar of greenness has just been elevated to a higher position on my list of people who are beneath contempt.

We’ve read about what he did to Glenn Beck when Glenn revealed information he had about his communist leanings.

We’ve read about his theory on white kids shooting up schools and heard him call President Bush a crackhead.

But today Cigar Mike told me about a piece of Van Jones’ history that is so contemptable that I think I felt my blood boil: Van Jones is a member of the Mumia Abu Jamal Fan Club.

Who is Mumia Abu Jamal? Well here in Philly he is known as the perpetrator of one of the most senseless crimes against a police officer ever committed.  Officer Danny Faulkner was shot in the the back of the head by Wesley Cook, aka Mumia Abu Jamal, Wesley Cook, aka Mumia Abu Jamal, a Marxist and Black Panther Party member and former radio commentator who was convicted of killing Officer Daniel Faulkner.

He has been on death row since 1982 after eyewtinesses and ballistic evidence helped convict the piece of caca.  Since then he has become a cause celebre with some of Hollywood’s brightest elite coming to his defense and organizing rallies in his support, like Ed Asner, Susan Sarandon and Danny Glover, among others.

Van Jones is one of these dimwits to support this murderer and a new trial for Philly’s own fidel castro worshipper.  Mike found this article from 1999 which talks about Van Jones having denied having orgaznied a 150 person protest march with the purpose of upstaging a meeting between police and local youths.  Their goal was to get the Justice Department to re-open the corruption case against the Philadelphia police department and to get atrrested in the process.  He had claimed the timing was coincidental.  Shah!!

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