Here’s the real embargo

Millions of tourists from democratic countries, including the U.S. have visited Cuba, but somehow, contrary to the kool-aid crowd school of thought, the Cuban people still have NO HUMAN RIGHTS. To those bozos who argue for the lifting of the embargo what do you have to say about this? How do you think more Americans visiting Cuba will end castro’s embargo against the Cuban people? Will you travel to Havana, bypass the mojito tour and demand justice for Cubans denied their rights?

From the Herald:

U.S. scholarships get Cuban college students expelled

The Cuban government has denied exit permits to about 30 Cuban college students who had been offered U.S. government-funded scholarships for academic programs at American academic institutions.

Not only did the students lose the chance to attend classes for free in the United States, but some were accused of ideologically losing their way and were expelled from their colleges in Cuba. Those who were members of the Communist Youth Union were booted out, several students said.

“I’ve been told that I have been expelled from the university and that I have a hearing pending with the Communist Youth, where I am to receive a temporary sanction due to the fact that, in self-criticism, I acknowledged having applied for the scholarship,” wrote a student selected for a leadership program in the United States.

The student, who asked to remain anonymous, said there is deep frustration among the selected students.

“Our state of mind couldn’t be worse. We feel unprotected. Nobody will defend us nor challenge the Cuban government to claim our right to exercise the option any university student in the world has.”

So much for cultural exchange and it begs the question—why would anyone want their kids to study in a place that suppresses true learning by subverting inquiry, and which denies its citizens access to information?

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