Hot-headed Cuban Intransigents Scream on Miami’s Flagler Street!


Here’s Fidel Castro in Nov. 1955 at 303 Flagler Street, Miami, Florida, drumming up money (mostly for bombs and bullets).

No Dialogue! with the dictatorship!” he thundered.

“Anyone who even contemplates dialogue with the (Batista) dictatorship is a despicable traitor!”

Only an embargo!, and bombs! and violence will rid Cuba of the dictatorship!

Dialogue is impossible!!!”

And the lily-white, wealthy crowd of Miami Cubans absolutely ATE IT UP!–thunderous standing ovations! Roars of support! etc!

Oddly..??? The MSM of the time DID NOT denounce these folks as “crackpots“? Or “intransigents“?? or “hard-liners?” Hummmm????

(needless to say, 98 per cent of them were back in Miami 5 years later, just ahead of firing squads)


H/T to our treasured friend Manuel Marques Sterling.)

14 thoughts on “Hot-headed Cuban Intransigents Scream on Miami’s Flagler Street!”

  1. It’s a tragic irony that many wealthy 1950’s exiles funded the Fidel “mission”, only to then have their ‘Frankenstein’ turn on them afterwards – and send them right back into exile (or el paredon)

  2. I just had a strange and horrible thought. If you read my comments under the pledge thing, my liberal friends are the present day counterparts of those well off Cubans who gave money to their enemy.
    My wish is that we defeat Obamaism before my liberal friends see the error of their ways.
    I have no need to live to see the day when they can learn of their insanity. Then it will be too late for all of us. Instead let us be free and let them think they are wonderful. The alternative is too horrible.

  3. John Stormer in his 1964 book, “None Dare Call it Treason” reassured us, long before cagasstro was whelped, the media was pink as they come.

    Twenty five years ago, I was agitated, nervous, sweaty.

    My doctor diagnosed it” ‘mediaitis communistas’ – the normal reaction of a conservative to commie propaganda.

    My doctor advised me to quit watching TV news, ‘documentaries’, and even those slyly leftist ‘National Geographic Specials’ which indict mid-west shoe store owners for melting the ice in Sicily which made the penguins in East Ittybittystan quit doin’ the rumba.

    The symptoms disappeared.

    Long before bubba did so in 1994, the press, ever fearful of those who recognize the early signs of communist rot in a society, targeted Cuban-Americans.

    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasota Key, Florida
    04 September, 2009

  4. Not that they are morally equivalent but what you are basically saying is that most of you all here and Fidel subscribe to the same line of reasoning once it comes to dealing with your enemies? You need only change a word or two and anyone or everyone here has uttered the same words as Fidel – that isn’t something to be particularly proud of.

  5. My wife and I loved visiting Roatan, Honduras. We were privileged to do so twice, on both occasions we loved snorkeling the island’s reefs, hiking, and meeting people.

    A couple we met aboard the cruiseship later sent us information on very reasonable land and homes available. They planned to build one.

    Islanders were outgoing, optimistic for the future, and very much pro-American, many of them grateful for President Reagan’s rout of the communist lice that plagued the region.

    All was looking up.

    Clearly, something had to be done to bring us in line with ‘the court of world opinion’ and mr. soros’ scheme.

    Nice to see the usual suspects up to their tiresome tricks.

    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasota Key, Florida
    04 September, 2009

  6. Now the US State Department (according to today’s Miami Herald) has decided a priori not to accept the fall Honduran elections …

  7. By the 1950s is seems that that KGB agent Fabio Grobart had caught the Island, in a chess style trap. Either we fell into the hands of his disciple Castro or (please pardon me Mark)Batista perdured and Rolando Masferrer (also a Grobart disciple) expanded his Tigres and took control of the Batista government (even Batista’s propagandist Otto Meruelo was a communist. Even Prio’s government in exile was infiltrated so that any rival of Castro (e.g. my distant cousin Calixto Sanchez was betrayed.)

  8. Abraham “Fabio” Grobart received his first training in Poland circa 1920 when the Soviets and their Polish agent “Iron” Feliks Dzerzhinsky. Then the brave Poles defeated the Soviet armies and Grobart had to flee. Unfortunately he chose or was sent to Cuba arriving in 1924 and immediately making contact with the Cuban communist party of that time.

  9. Feliks Dzerzhinsky as all know was the founder of what became the KGB

    Thus in all probability Fidel Castro was KGB …

    KGB agents abroad are not allowed to join the communist party of the country they operate in.

    There for when Fidel (as opposed to Raul) said he was not a communist he was probably correct …

    Sorry to have bothered you all but I am old and may not live to see my material published …

    the best to old

    Larry Daley

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