I have one simple question

Who is keeping the profits from his films?

“Capitalism is an evil, and you cannot regulate evil,” the two-hour movie concludes.

“You have to eliminate it and replace it with something that is good for all people and that something is democracy.”

It’s so easy to preach socialism/liberalism/progressivism/stupidism/moronism when you are rich. It’s so easy to bash the system that provides your own werewithall, all for the sake of appearing saintly and compassionate.

Folks, these are truly evil bastards we are fighting against…

6 thoughts on “I have one simple question”

  1. “It’s so easy to bash the system that provides your own werewithall, all for the sake of appearing saintly and compassionate.”


    With the statement above you described the very essence of the hypocrisy coming from these liberals.

    They’re so full of it…

    These bastards definitely deserve a Fidel Castro that would come and steal everything they own, that would be poetic justice.

    I wish that these bastards would go broke (as they surely deserve it). On one hand they embrace the very philosophy that wants to destroy the US capitalist system; but on the other, they love to be rich and powerful.

    They’re so freaking insane that is pathetic…

  2. What is so pathetic about Michael Moore, is that Capitalism is not a form of government. It is our economic systems, and then not so much. The United States Government is a representative Democracy and has been for a very long time.

    Michael Moore and the rest of the rich left aren’t defenders of Democracy, they’re a gang of elitists S.O.B.s who actually believe their shit doesn’t stink, and believe that “common” people should be worker bees without thought, and they, the rich should stay rich and call the shots. Obama is one of these. He believes ONLY HE knows what is best for the common man, and of course he’s not a common man, that is why he remains.

    They talk a lot of crap about the rich, but what who they’re really talking about is the rich conservatives. They’re the ones they want to strip of money and prperty. These elitists find the loop holes in the tax codes, look at Charles Rangel, he helps write the code to then violate it every which way, why? Because he’s another eletist gang member. They’re thugs no better than the street gangs we see documentaries of on TV. They’re no better.

    That’s my opinion.

  3. Reuters ran the airbrushed photo of Moore. Today’s Drudge shows the real Moore looking like an escapee from a ward for the criminally insane.

    This bum lives in Beverly Hills? Why, to show ‘solidarity’ with the poor?

    His type are a dime a dozen today just like the late 6os, when I was in high school. One classmate, a sawed-off commie mouthkin, was typical. His family were northeast liberals – commies. His daddy wangled a JFK appointment to the Defense Department, undersecretary for looting, something, and for twenty five years the family business reaped the rewards of government contracts.

    Until the feds indicted them during the mid-80s, something about bilking millions for slipshod military hardware.

    The kid, during his high school heyday, would smack his fist into his cupped hand and shriek about ‘using violence to tear down the system for racial equality’.

    He knew ’bout ‘black struggle’ too. Oh yeah. Every Tuesday, Miss Ruby would come dust the drapes. Sometimes, if he felt daring, he’d accompany his ma’ when she drove Ruby home over the hill – when the chauffeur was unavailable.

    Today, he’s a big stinky red cheasze at the University of Chicago.

    Ain’t that purty?

    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasota Key, Florida
    07 September, 2009

    “Ain’t that purty?”
    – Joe Moore (Gene Hackman)
    “HEIST”, c. 2002

  4. If I was dictator for a day the first thing I would order after a clothing optional performance by the Miami Heat Dancers is impose a 90% income tax rate on anyone in the entertainment industry. The rest of the country gets a 13% flat tax (13 in honor of Dan Marino). This way those Hollywood flakes would not feel so bad about all the money they make. There will only be one loophole – the Pedro Pan clause – that way I won’t screw over Chirino. Not a huge fan of his music, but cool guy and I don’t want to screw him. I like Emilio and Pitbull too but I need help creating loopholes for them.

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