Castro “Spies”-is The Miami Herald Coming Around?!”

Our friend, Larry Daley, points out a ground-breaking story in the Miami Herald (no less!) today, regarding Alberto Coll (outed by our friend Lieut. Col. Simmons a year ago, to the scoffing and indignation of all “respectable” circles) :

“Specifically, the FBI’s investigation (of Alberto Coll) focused on espionage and censorship in violation of 18 USC 793, fraud and false statements in violation of…

“In a 2006 book, Washington Times defense writer Bill Gertz described Coll as “an apparent spy” and said officials had told him they believed Coll had been “recruited” by Cuba.

While at the War College he often advocated for improved U.S. relations with Cuba.

Entire story.

That’s one thing you’ll ALWAYS note. Oh, these “experts”, “analysts ” etc. can bad-mouth “President” Castro on (slight) past “human-rights abuses” etc.

But always (ALWAYS!) they’ll wax eloquent on advocating “improved relations with the U.S.” ( i.e that vital financial lifeline from the U.S. taxpayer.)

Recall that our friend, Lieut. Col. Christopher Simmons outed Mr Coll. last year.

And note that one of the MSM’s pet “Cuba Experts” (Ana Louise Bardach) promptly and energetically sprung to Coll’s defense describing him as the “Cuban Dreyfus!”

And note that, upon the accusation, a hysterical Phil Peters also promptly sprung to the defense, denouncing the U.S. spycatcher as a “smear artist!!” (spycatcher Lieut. Col. Simmons, btw, helped nail the Communist spy our own Gov. describes as, “the most damaging espionage agent since the end of the Cold War.”)

Things might be getting interesting……….

9 thoughts on “Castro “Spies”-is The Miami Herald Coming Around?!””

  1. The Miami Herald continues to stonewall investigating one of their own, board of contributors member Marifeli Perez-Stable, who was outted as a Castro spy by Chris Simmons last year and more recently by Armando Valladares in the Washington Times
    Perez-Stable and her ACLU attorney John de Leon have refrained from taking legal action against those making espionage accusations against her. Perez-Stable’s silence speaks volumes.

  2. that’s because there was proof that Coll broke the law. it’s a minor difference I know – so let’s go ahead with the lynching. who gives a flying hoot about the rule of law anyway?

  3. I didn’t read this closely enough…the Herald did not actually say that Coll was a spy. What it did was quote Gertz saying he is a spy. By the way Antonio, welcome to America buddy. you are innocent till proven guilty. Not guilty the moment the sainted Lt. Col Simmons proclaims you to be a spy.

  4. Humberto:

    Thank you for the kind mention of my name.

    My thoughts are

    While the published material does not indicate that Alberto Coll was a spy it does indicate his undue support of the Castro regime.

    In other words so far clear that he is “an agent of influence”

    that is not a crime but making it public greatly diminishes his influence.

    One is tempted to wonder what kind of deal Coll struck with the investigators

    so they would suppress any evidence that could put him in jail.

  5. It appears that Castro agent Sylvia Wilhelm, who was publicly accused by Simmons of being a Cuban spy, has quietly dropped her lawsuit against him after she gave a deposition implicating herself. I am pursuing obtaining a copy of the deposition to post it online. Score a big victory for Simmons. The Miami Herald has likewise failed to report on this case.

  6. If it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck and acts like a duck, the only sensible thing is to assume it’s a duck unless and until proven otherwise, or at the very least, take quite seriously the definite possibility that it could indeed be a duck. Neither the Herald nor FIU appears to have taken that possibility seriously or to have acted accordingly. Both institutions, for the sake of credibility and respectability, owe their public such seriousness and the demonstration thereof. It’s like Obama with Van Jones: “Oh, but Van Jones is different now…” Sorry, NOT buying it. Not even close.

  7. God I hate repeating this over and over and over again. Innocent till proven guilty…rule of law…liberal democracy…it’s a beautiful thing. One day you might get a clue. That is what makes us different (us being Americans) from piss ant pseudo republics. What’s the difference from the way you interpret guilt than Chavez – zero. Get a clue on what makes this nation great and why Cuba got so messed up. RULE OF LAW…DUE PROCESS!!! understand it live it, love it.

  8. Cardinal, one day you might learn to read better. Nobody is calling for anybody to be jailed without proof of guilt, as you seem to be suggesting. If there is sufficient cause for serious suspicion, as there clearly is in this case, then a serious investigation is clearly in order. At a minimum, the legitimate concerns of the public need to be acknowledged and addressed. To my knowledge, neither the Herald nor FIU has done so; as far as I can tell, they’ve simply played deaf and dumb, and I find that not only inadequate but insulting. And no, simply taking the woman at her word will NOT cut it, for obvious reasons.

    But hey, if you have no problem with her credibility, if you trust her, be my guest. It’s a free country. You can also trust Van Jones “didn’t mean those things” or “doesn’t feel that way now.” You can trust Obama never noticed the demented racist vitriol pouring from Jeremiah Wright’s pulpit all those years. I don’t, and I don’t trust the judgment of anyone who does. I have major problems with people who choose to ignore red flags. Legitimate suspicion, caution, and common sense are quite different from the charge you keep making in this matter, but if it’ll make you feel superior, go ahead and call people who disagree with you fascists. You’ll have plenty of company, albeit not the best kind.

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