Oh Happy Day …..

New Morning Rising

It’s Labor Day and the only laboring I will be doing today will be behind a grill as I prepare my world famous brisket and my BBQ chicken (shicken if you’re from Louisiana)

I’m in a good mood given that we all managed to eliminate one communist thug from the government. Here’s a sunrise shot from the Grand Canyon.

Enjoy your day folks. This is the last day of summer vacation for most….

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  1. Gorgeous picture, as always. Thank you.

    Let us remember that today celebrates the American worker, not the unions.
    The propaganda is widespread, especially now, that we need more unionism to combat the bad, big businesses.
    Even my local Jewish newspaper, which used to be sensible, now has changed so much that it could be loved by this administration. There was a big article on why we need card check. Of course she didn’t call it that. She called it the Free Choice act. At least the paper seems to be getting many fewer ads.
    And why does it seem that every time I turn on the usually even handed C-span (much less often than I used to) that there is a left winger on and the calls are more left wing than they used to be? Is it just me? This morning a woman on Labor Day was reminding us how important the unions are and why they must enlarge their membership to combat, etc. etc.
    I’ll celebrate the, what’s left of them, hard working Americans, thank you.

  2. Awesome sight!

    Keep the pictures coming…

    Have a Happy Labor Day around the BBQ…I’m enjoying my pool…

  3. Honey, Unions were necessary in the 20th Century up through WWII. There were no labor laws or other protections for workers like you have now. In the 60’s, many unions became corrupt or were more interested in their own well being over their workers.

    Public employee unions such as police unions and fire unions are different and necessary though and I support them.

  4. I’ve got no problem with unions as a proposition. It’s a free country with freedom of association, including between working folks if they want to get together and collectively bargain.

    But in practice it gets really, well…what we have now. Like I said, the concept is fine but the perceptions and culture surrounding unions is the real problem. They have a built-in advantage in their emotional appeal, they stand up for the Little Guy. And because they are for the Little Guy, they can therefore do no wrong. (And this is leaving aside Mike’s point about corruption from organized crime which was going on well before the 60’s.)

    It’s really gotten bad out here in LA on KABC radio. The unions have bought ads at KABC that they often run during Dodger games, which, sadly, are often read live during the broadcasts by Rick Monday, the same guy who saved the American flag from being burned at Wrigley Field on July 4, 1976.

    Some of the ads say that fans vote for the All Star team “without interference from the owners” as an argument for passing the Freedom of Choice Act should pass. I usually yell back at the radio, THEN SHOULD WE TAKE THIS ACT SERIOUSLY AND ALLOW THE PLAYERS UNION TO INTERFERE WITH FAN ALL-STAR VOTING? AND WHILE WE’RE AT IT, SHOULD WE GET RID OF THE SECRET BALLOT FOR NATIONAL ELECTIONS TOO?

  5. Zhangliqun,
    I agree entirely.
    Mike, my point was not against unions, but dissatisfaction with the tyranny being proposed now. If card check passes, the unions will be able to strong arm workers as the unions will grow in number and power. This makes everything lopsided because anything that is not voted by secret ballot and thus is forced cannot be a good thing.
    That is why I salute the workers today and not union tyranny. Card check is tyranny.

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