Tuesday feels like Monday Open Thread

Stayed up late watching the UM Hurricanes defeat the Florida State Seminoles last night. Incredible football game. Was so hyped at the end that I just couldn’t get to sleep.

Please let me know what’s going on today, use this as a “Val overslept and is running incredibly late” open thread.

14 thoughts on “Tuesday feels like Monday Open Thread”

  1. Besides going back to work after a 3-day weekend, nothing much. I enjoyed my weekend with family and friends and watch USC whup butt.

  2. Val – back to the homophobic sentiments? Come on, you can do better than that homoCANE! LOL

    I am VERY PROUD to be a Florida Gator, so the whole “it’s a Canes thing” means very little to me. Enjoy your victory over another irrelevant team and have fun in that piss-poor conference called the ACC. In the meantime, us Gators will be playing in the nation’s BEST conference – the SEC. And that means stadiums with REAL people – over 100,000 in some cases, over 90,000 every week in Gainesville. We don’t have all those orange seats styaring our players and recruits in the face.

    And don’t forget, we are heavy favorites to reach our FOURTH national championship this year. How many basketball national titles to the Canes have? See, that game is so “gay”, it’s not even funny.


  3. Oh, come on, Cangrejo. No me pierdas la tabla. All criticism is fair when it comes to football rivalries.

    And yeah, tis true, sec teams DO get 100k people in the stands every saturday. BUt im betting thats because theres not much else to do in most of those cities. Unless, of course, drinking beer and smoking the skunk is considered an worthy activity.

    The record stil speaks for itself tho, 28-25, Canes over Gaytors historically.

    BTW, werent the gaytors the team that got sanctioned some years back? Something about being the best team money can buy?

  4. Oh and btw, in college ball, my teams ar The Canes and Florida State and Florida.

    State only edges Florida because I had a girlfriend who graduated from there. And she was HOT.

  5. Hey Val – the GATORS coach speaks ENGLISH. The CANES coach? I’m not sure, I can never understand him during an interview. Some of our bilingual people here can maybe make out his ebonics. The rest is crap – LOL

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