4 thoughts on “A tribute to Communism”

  1. Just 20 million? Or do they not count the Ukrainian (and Kazakstan and other places) Terror Famine of 1932-33? That alone is 15-20 million.

  2. Thanks for this gem, George.
    The most horrifying and depressing aspect of this phenomenon is how many accomplices, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Kim, Castro, etc. could (and can) count on.

    Absolutely Un-freakin-real.

  3. 1. After the third Reich was defeated, the US should have went all the way to Moscow and finished the job. Instead FDR gave Stalin half of Europe.

    2. Nixon should have never went to meet Mao and open China. The result is now a Chinese Communist party of 60,000,000 strong who own half the US debt and basically control the value of US currency.

    3. If the CIA wanted Fidel dead, he would be. Thus one can conclude that _________

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