“To be America’s enemy may be dangerous–but to be her ally is FATAL!”

De-JURE President of Honduras, Roberto Micheletti
De-JURE President of Honduras, Roberto Micheletti

“As of today, it’s probably easier for a Cuban DGI (Castro’s KGB-trained secret police) to travel to Washington than for a Honduran textile salesman to visit New Orleans for a convention.

In a further show of solidarity with Hugo Chavez, the Castro brothers and Daniel Ortega, the Obama administration has already declared that it will refuse to recognize the Honduran Presidential elections scheduled for Nov. 29, to which Honduras has invited international observers.

“We have seen Raul Castro’s comments and we welcome his overture,” declared Secretary of State Clinton this past April. “We are taking a very serious look at it. We are continuing to look for productive ways forward (on relations with Cuba)…Engagement is a useful tool to advance our national interests.”

If only de-JURE President Micheletti would have sent Zelaya to the firing squad, along with every Honduran who looked at him cross-eyed, then tried to nuke Washington D.C., perhaps the U.S. State Department would treat him with the same deference they treat the Castros.”

Entire Human Events article here.


(tonight Greta Van Susteren will run an interview with de-JURE Prez Roberto Micheletti)

3 thoughts on ““To be America’s enemy may be dangerous–but to be her ally is FATAL!””

  1. I was proud of the tea partiers who knew all about this and felt as we do on this.
    Ask anyone else about Honduras; you get blank stares.

    But it is becoming more and more apparent that the msm are keeping news from us. Soon it will be almost unanimously recognized.

  2. I’m still shocked this is happening. I have written my Senators (Kyl and McCain) and my pathetic representative (Flake), and I have not heard anything from any of these people. Unfortunately (and fortunately) we are too preoccupied with our own problems that we cannot direct any attention to Honduras. It is clear that the MSM will never report on the atrocious way the US Government is treating Honduras–they cannot even report on the repeated violations of law committed by ACORN.

  3. If nothing else, at least now I have a few “Latins” I can actually feel good about, even if they’re only a tiny minority of the “Latin” world. I’m grateful to Hondurans for that, and wish them every success and prosperity.

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