“Juanes, Please Come!” beckons Yoani


If ever you need more inspiration for thanking your parents for getting you out of Cuba in time, just look and listen to Yoani’s latest.

Those Peter Pan parents deserve a shrine. The regime’s mass-murder, torture and jailings were bad enough. I’m starting to believe the creation of so many psychic cripples is worse.

While watching, you’re torn between sympathy and revulsion. Orwell and Huxley gave us a hint. But here it is in real life. The cattle-like Eloy people in the movie Time Machine come to mind….as do the subjects ruled by James Earl Jones (“Thulsa Doom”) in Conan the Barbarian……very creepy…..

I only wish this were “unreal.”

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  1. I will not pass judgment on Yoani or the people interviewed, because quite simply we don’t live in their shoes. It’s apparent that what these people want is an afternoon of musical diversion, a real EVENT which something rare for them. Notice, however, that more than one person commented on the need not just for paz but also for libertad. A not so subtle message, perhaps. I don’t think Juanes has the guts or urge to make a bold statement for freedom at the concert, but if he did, it would be something remarkable and who knows?

  2. Well, at least a good many of the comments in response to her post are more or less on the money, and if they come from within Cuba, that’s something. Yes, it is sad that it’s come to an attitude of “If it can’t be bread and circus, then at least let’s have the circus.” But no, we’re not stuck in Cuba ourselves. Thank God.

  3. I imagine that many of the opinions expressed in this video might be vastly different had the speakers been afforded a life free of indoctrination and absolute control.

  4. Yes, Val, not to mention a life of drab boredom and chronic shortages of everything imaginable, completely controlled by the very official party line, literally (including all manner of entertainment or leisure activity). A country run by ossified geriatric geezers who still think it’s the 1960s. A country where the urge for any kind of escapism, however brief, is very strong (wheteher it’s cheap booze, sex or a flashy concert–same difference).

  5. This is a great comment left by Marisela Verena on the Zoé Valdés blog:

    “La única razón por la cual los Juanes, los Bosés, las Tañón y comparsa van a cantar en el llamado concierto por la paz en la Plaza de la Involución es por esa bestia, ese Minotauro tan difícil de domar que se llama EGO. No hay solidaridad, ni compasión, ni comprensión por la verdadera situación socio-política del cubano–que conocen de sobra,— ni respeto por el dolor del cubano, como han cacareado—(si respetaran serían consecuentes y no irían a patrocinar el régimen), ni la motivación es la paz (suena bien y se los permitieron decir).
    Se trata de EGO…sólo eso….EGO

    Juanes alcazará su orgasmo cósmico cantando en compañía de su ídolo, el mercenario-esbirro musical Silvio, y los demás nutrirán sus respectivas psiquis con el halagador espectáculo masivo y la adulación de la oficialidad. Y después..nada. N-A-D-A….como dicen en Cuba “Nereida la billetera.” Se llevarán con sus egos engordados su demagogia a otra parte y nuestro pueblo a seguir intentando sobremorir.

    Dice el Quijote: Nada hay más pequeño que un grande dominado por el orgullo…”

  6. I agree, asombra. And I personally dont begrudge the Cuban people that escape. However, I reserve the right to criticize same if that escape comes with the price it will and is undoubtedly coming with: a propaganda coup for the enslavers which in turn helps maintain their absolute control over the people and hinders chances for any real, necessary change in the country.

  7. And one other thing that comes from this stupidity: arguably the only people in the world – yes, the entire world – who care about the future of Cuba and the future of Cuban people by stating the realities and voicing their opposition to this farce, are the ones that are criticized and demeaned and told they “hate” the Cuban people.

  8. The problem, Val, it’s that when you’re deep enough in the hole, you can’t be objective or truly rational. It’s like alcoholics. They know it’s bad for them; they know it’s screwing up their lives; they know getting drunk isn’t going to help them any, but they do it anyway, because, for a little while, it “helps.”

  9. Do you think young Americans are more “aware” than young Cubans? Didn’t young Americans prefer Obama to the other guy, especially the college educated? And Americans don’t carry a 50 year burden on their backs. I would rather not be too harsh on young Cubans. On the whole I find Yoani rather lucid, and willing to take risks to say what she thinks, even if I don’t always agree with her.

  10. Yoani can be an enigma b/c she’s not consistent with her views. While she has carried on an admirable battle to blog and expose Cuban life to the rest of the world, it is baffling to me that she gets away with a whole lot more than other bloggers and dissidents on the island. I have to agree that perhaps the people just want a fix, whatever it may be, if it’ll provide a short respite from their cruel reality.

  11. Could Yoani be a govt plant? Of course

    Would it be smart for the Cuban regime to create their own opposition and thus be able to control it and pull it back when they want? Of course

    Do others like Yoani get arrested while she doesn’t? Of course

    Is that merely a conincidence? Maybe

  12. The Juanes Concert was supposed to be free for everyone. I heard on the radio that there’s a 15 “Cuban Pesos” adminssions charge. For regular Cubans that’s too much $$$ to spend on a concert.

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