Senator Lemieux (RINO, FL): Censure Joe Wilson

If you needed any more evidence of how Charlie Crist would represent Florida as a “Republican”, you need no further evidence than his handpicked handmaiden Lemieux’s first act as “Republican” Senator from Florida:

That was embarrassing and shameful,” said LeMieux, who watched the address from the House visitors’ gallery. “Everybody in the chamber just gasped. He should be censured.”

What’s embarrassing, Acting Handmaiden Senator Lemieux, is a supposedly Republican Senator in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi, etal.

Please folks, help elect Marco Rubio. For all of our sakes.

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  1. Look, I agree Lemieux’s a schmuck, but Crist didn’t pick him for nothing. This is really Crist speaking, in a sense. Lemieux is Crist’s tool, and tools exist to fulfill the function for which they were designed and intended. The last thing he’s gonna do is to make Crist look too liberal or RINO-ish.

  2. Frankly, even though Wilson spoke the truth, his conduct was inexcusable just as the conduct of the dems in booing President Bush was inexcusable.

    Further, folks like Wilson give the GOP a black eye. There’s a time and place for everything. Moreover, I cannot support anyone, especially a lawmaker, who proclaims himself “proud” of a symbol [the Confederate flag] that represents secession and slavery. The same flag all those yahoos flew in their anti-Cuban protests during the Elian debacle.

    Have the guy [Lemiuex] vote for obamacare or acorn, then you have a real argument. To quote Hyman Roth, this issue is small potatoes compared to the real issues out there that we have to fight against; socialization of the economy, healthcare, communist czars dictating governmental policy, forced unionization/card check; taxing us into oblivion, keeping a strong military, supporting Israel and freedom loving nations, the government’s imposition of a permanent nanny state upon us; and the government’s suppression of dissent by Obama’s buddies. To defeat evil, you have to stand on the high ground.

  3. Mike,

    Ill have to disagree with you, towit:

    Yeah, in a different reality, I, too, would have found Joe Wilson’s conduct inexcusable. But even more inexcusable is a member of the congress, representing the people of this country, to allow a blatant falsehood – an outright lie – to be spewed in that historical and venerated arena by anyone, President or not.

    As for the confederate flag: Im not sure of all the details, but with all due respect to those that take offense with same, it is still a part of the history of this country. Right or wrong, a good many Americans died fighting for it – on both sides of the argument – and we cant just erase it from our lives or memory.

    I agree with you on all the fronts that we need to be fighting on, and, yeah, ideally, we need to strive to be on high ground to defeat evil, but you’ll never see me bringing a knife to a gunfight.

  4. Val, there’s an old boxing axiom that I like to apply; where it counts is in the ring, all the talk outside the ring is Bullshit.

    He could have said the same thing in a news conference; on TV; outside chambers; but to do it during his speech was inexcusable. The fora weakened his point and weakened our cause. I write every day about how much I detest our President’s policies and how much of a bs artist he has been and still is, but I respect the office. The Dems didn’t respect the office when our guy was in power; that does not excuse us to follow their lead. It’s akin to saying, well if the Dems didn’t punish Charlie Rangel for being a tax cheat; then we shouldn’t punish one of our guys for doing the same thing.

    The Rebel flag is part of the history of this country and it’s a sad history of slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, the KKK, bombing churches, etc. Just as the Nazi flag is part of German history or the Sun Rise is the flag of Japanese History. Does not mean we have to forget our history; but it’s the symbolism behind it. Most of the folks out there waving rebel flags are rednecks and racists who would hate me, even though I’m a hard core conservative, because of my Hispanic and Jewish heritage. They have a first amendment right to wave it. The flag has its historical significance and it is fine to have it in a museum or historical landmark/battlefield. But to have the state sanction it by flying it over the Capital under the guise of Southern Pride is malarkey.

    When those folks were out in force with rebel flags praising Janet Reno for snatching Elian and sticking it to us Cubans, it wasn’t Southern Pride or Pride in military admiration of General Lee. There are a lot of things the South can be proud of, but not in the support of slavery, segregation, and Jim Crow.

    Just me 3 1/2 cents.

  5. Mike,

    I see your point, believe me. And I respect the office as much as anyone. Problem is, the person in that office, right now, has shown no respect for it whatsoever. Moreover, Joe Wilson would not have had an arena to express his opinion in todays media. that is just a plain fact. he could have called out LIAR till he was blue in the face and noone would have heard him as he would not have had the venue.

    With respectto the flag, Like I said, i wasnt sure of the context. But ill agree, that that flag does not belong on any state building.

  6. Val, the largest TV audience is Fox News. There are plenty of newspapers left that print the truth, the WSJ being among them.

    I listen to Fox News every morning and afternoon in the car. Wilson has an audience. Heck, that’s how I learned about Van Jones. I just don’t think he has the moral wherewithal.

    heck, we do our part by getting the word out as do other conservative bloggers and tv and radio folks. We have an impact. Case in chief, Van Jones. We can’t let up and mustn’t. To follow up on your analogy, I won’t take a knife to a gunfight, nor will I take an unloaded gun. I’ll take a bazooka. Reagan destroyed the opposition with wit and charm and the truth. He never sank to their level.

  7. I did not vote for the President, i will not vote for the President, I can’t imagine supporting anything he advocates, yet he is our President. Disagree with him, fine, but do so in a civil manner. Wilson is a disgrace to the party. No problem with him saying this in almost any other forum but not in the Congress. Val, you are slipping into the Republican equivalent of BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome). I would venture to say that Clinton in the beginning was much worse than Obama. Carter was worse than him still. LBJ was worse than the two of them put together – and more socialist too. If you get all batty everytime Obama opens his mouth you are playing into their hands. They want us to be unreasonably, insanely angry and foaming at the mouth. It makes it easier to tar us as racists or destructive obstructionists. People like Wilson hurt the party, scaring away the middle where the fight will be one at the expense of appealing to the fringe which will never compose the majority.

  8. As a follow up to my last post, read this article which shows we are making a difference —

    Cardinal, Clinton seems like Thomas Jefferson when compared to Obama especially in his 2 years. He was able to work with the GOP congress and good legislation got passed.

    Carter was terrible, but his lameness and ineptness culminated a few years later, with the Panama Canal, Iran, 18% inflation; the Sandinistas. He was God Awful. Carter makes GW Bush look like Teddy Roosevelt.

    But saying LBJ was worse than Carter, and Clinton and Obama is wrong. Have you studied LBJ? LBJ was a brilliant President who’s Achilles heel was Vietnam. He was a virulent anti-communist who detested the JFK leftovers in his administration. Because of LBJ and his ability to deal with the congress, especially getting the GOP on his side, we have the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965; the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967; we made it to the moon; and kept the fight against the communists rather than capitulating.

    His handling of Vietnam especially giving too much credence to Rusk and McNamara and Westmoreland was his downfall as well as his failure to be honest with the public. He kept the public in the dark about US involvement and costs to fight in Nam because he knew it would undermine his ability to sustain his Great Society programs. Many of those programs, while noble, proved to be failures, and were eliminated in Nixon’s administration.

    But above all, every Cuban should owe gratitude to LBJ who after all signed the Cuban Adjustment Act which allowed so many of our relatives and parents to come here to the USA and become residents after a year and day.

    That aside, our current President is the most radical leftist President we’ve ever had. He’s to Carter’s left and that’s pretty bad.

  9. Cigar Mike –

    My issue with LBJ starts with Vietnam and ends with the Great Society. I will not contest the fact that he was an anti-communist but his inept handling of the Vietnam War cost thousands upon thousands of lives, it created civil strife, did great damage to the cause of anti-communism and greatly damaged our international standing. It is important to note that most successful years in terms of Vietnam Policy were 69-72 when Creighton Abrams had the political support of Richard Nixon. By then it was too late. By the time it was over LBJ had literally turned the Democratic Party, home of the architects of our Cold War policy, into the exclusive refuge of peace niks, nuclear freeze advocates and communist apologists (Scoop Jackson being a notable exception). Our failure emboldened our enemies and scattered our friends.

    With the Great Society LBJ successfully accelerated the deterioration of the American family. His War on Poverty became a war on our fiscal sanity with ever growing entitlement programs that did little to help the poor but much to help grow the government.

  10. Once it comes to Bill Clinton, circumstances were somewhat different but he proved nutty enough. HillaryCare was even greater government grab than Obama’s. It was so far left that Daniel Patrick Moynihan said that it would not work in the real world. BC also sought to antagonize the military right off the bat with his gays in the military push. Finally it is often forgotten that BC tried to push a stimulus plan for a recession that was already over by the time it passed. Thanks to Dole it got whittled down to practically nothing (if you can call $4 billion nothing).

    It is true that the true awfulness of Jimmy did not become apparent to most till 79 but he was not necessarily a barn burner before then.

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