Who we really need to fear

Forget self-avowed communists or unrepentant terrorist who advocate the violent overthrow of the US government. Forget those who believe the government can force abortions to control the population, or those that espouse the virtues of leaving the old and terminally ill to die so that medical resources can be put to better use on the more productive members of society. Ignore the organizations involved in massive voter fraud and pay no mind to those who are collecting the personal data of citizens who express a dissenting point of view. According to an editorial by Tim Rutten in the L.A. Times, the people America really needs to fear are the nefarious right-wing nuts he claims are behind the massive opposition to President Obama’s policies.

Rutten believes the conservative movement is being led by characters far more sinister than anyone associated with the Obama administration. As an example, he gives us South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson who once, as a state legislator, opposed the removal of the confederate flag from the state building. Give me a terrorist who bombed the Pentagon any day over a fan of a flag.

Another example is tea party spokesman Mark Williams who is so evil that he actually had the gall to mention–out loud and in public, no less–Barrack Obama’s Muslim and Indonesian history.

Then there is the PAC Williams is involved with, Our Country Deserves Better, whose treasonous activities involved campaigning last year against our dear and holy leader, Barrack Obama.

Such vile organizations, Rutten explains, exist only because of people like Howard Koolgian, another right-wing extremist. Koolgian was the chairman of the wicked and vicious campaign to recall California governor, Gray Davis.

But the worst of them was left for last by Rutten. This individual is so far out there, so extreme, that it only takes Rutten five words to drive home the villainy of political strategist, Sal Russo. Russo is the worst offender of them all because as Rutten informs us, he “once worked for Ronald Reagan.”


There you have it my friends. We should all be so lucky that the only people we need to worry about are commies, terrorists, proponents of forced abortions, and eugenicists. The real evil lurks in the shadows of the GOP: people who actually worked for Ronald Reagan.

To quote Mr. Rutten himself; you can’t make this stuff up.

4 thoughts on “Who we really need to fear”

  1. Sounds like the BS pieces, written by Dowd, Dionne, and Pitts.

    And of course, according to peanut head Carter, we’re all racists if we oppose the President on policy.

  2. You know you lost the debate when the only argument you have left is to claim racism.

    This editorial is chock full of ridiculous statements, but my favorite was the one about Russo. The left is so clueless, though, that they themselves cannot see how ridiculous they are.

  3. Jimmy Carter is so full of it, not just in this instance but in general, that he might as well be a latrine. If he were any more pathetic, he’d have to be confined to his home for being too much of a public nuisance. The Spanish word “farsante” was tailor-made for people like him.

  4. I would bet you that most liberals would say that Reagan was worst than Osama Bin Laden. They are reality challenged.

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