2 thoughts on “Someone call James Lipton, STAT!”

  1. This is what I just sent her. They are definitely coming to get me.
    I forgot to add that those who made that mess look down their noses at me and want to teach me how to take care of the environment.

    Dear Madame Speaker,
    I saw the video where you choked up because the language and violence is disturbing you during this debate over the direction the country is taking. I quite agree,
    Are you going to apologize for calling those who demonstrated to record their disagreement with your policies, Nazis and a mob? I was quite offended by that.
    I am almost 72 years old and have never gone to a demonstration in my life. I am going now because you and Reid and Obama and the rest of the lefters in Congress are taking over my beloved country by fiat and shoving socialism down our throats. I am very angry.
    The only violence I have seen has been by Acorn thugs and SEIU thugs.
    We had a demonstration in Washington this past Saturday. I don’t know if it was 60,000 strong as so many estimated or two million as others have. But the point is we all thought we were alone and felt we had to be there. At great expense and complication to ourselves we managed to get there. It was so exhilarating to know we were not alone. There were tea parties going on simultaneously all over the country adding to our numbers. We were so happy and it was a party, a celebration. There was humor, fun and nothing disgusting. The police didn’t make one arrest despite the huge size of the demonstration. Of course that didn’t stop the msm from defaming us all.
    There are two photos. I’m sure you have seen them. One shows Washington after we left. Immaculate. No one had to tell us. This is America’s city and we knew to keep it clean. We all brought our own food and drink and didn’t leave mess behind us because we have great respect for America’s city.
    Another picture shows the garbage dump that Washington looked like after President Obama’s inauguration. That crowd expected the government to pick up after them. Typical lack of self reliance, lack of pride in our country. These two photos were a perfect metaphor for the difference between the left and everyone else in this country.

    I quite agree with you that the rhetoric is distasteful. I hated when our armed forces were called baby killers and other filthy things by a former presidential candidate. I hated when Bush was called a Nazi and killer by our current majority leader, with no apology requested or required I might add.
    I hated your calling me a Nazi and a mob member.
    People in that rally on Saturday were witty and factual and not offensive in language. When someone wore a t-shirt that was even mildly offensive, we told her we didn’t like that. When a sign was not what we wanted to see, we told the person holding it. But in a crowd of tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands or more, it was just about entirely civil and fun filled.
    If Jimmy Carter and others would stop calling anyone who disagrees with socialism a racist, that would also help the discussion a great deal. I have heard left wing friends tell me they hate Bush, he kills people, and a lot worse.
    If my conservative friends use language like that I tell them I don’t like it. We use facts and logic to say why we disagree. And we don’t hate people, we disagree with their policies. And I know no Republican or conservative leader or columnist who uses language like you and Reid have gotten away with.
    Let’s cool it is correct and it can start with you.

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