Castro’s subjects are JAILED for this!!

I just filleted him, MARTA!...awaiting instructions down here in the Bayous!
I just filleted the brute, MARTA!...awaiting instructions down here in the Bayous!

During the unspeakable Batista era, Cuban citizens were perfectly free to engage in the above. Meyer Lansky, Esso and United Fruit did not bludgeon, jail or shoot those who tried. (Honest! Cross my heart and hope to die!)

Than came the glorious “nationalist” Revolution and now only rich foreign pederasts are allowed to indulge in something Cubans traditionally regarded as a birthright.

Castro is a “Hero of the World!!!” hails the United Nations.

“Nationalism is a fundamental source of legitimacy (for the Castro regime) and has been cultivated and sustained over the last 50 years,” hails the CFR’s Cuba Expert, Julia Sweig.


9 thoughts on “Castro’s subjects are JAILED for this!!”

  1. Why do I think that if the USA (or any non-socialist state) treated nationalism as a virtue, Ms.Sweig wouldn’t be quite so…generous. (Although I guess if Obama said it was cool, it’d be A-OK.)

    Why are there so many people willing to excuse the crimes of the Castro regime?!?! It’s utterly maddening!

  2. Nice big Red Humberto (25-27 inches?). That boy looks like it has some shoulders.

    I love catching them, never get tired of them.

    Plus I love eating them too, they taste delicious, a real gourmet treat.


  3. 28′ exactly, amigo. Unwittingly, I held him at a slight angle for the pic–so his head looks TOO big, his true length didn’t come accros…Good firm white fillets for the grill, won’t fall apart during the basting process.

    ….HOT DAMN!!

  4. Humberto –

    My offer stands to people such as sweig, oliver stone, the kennedy brothers, parke wright, that watson dame from out there, LA, the one who was singin’ praises to He Who Refused the Bag, and anyone else sufficiently delusional or plain dishonest enough to claim cagasstro’s island gulag is better than here:

    1. Go live in Cuba.

    2. Cheerfully accept the assigned job along with the annual
    ration of a pair of shoes (?) and two pair of pants.

    3. Take whatever else they serve up.

    4. Come back in a year and with a straight face, state
    you’re having fun and can’t wait to git back.

    5. Do that,

    – and –

    I’ll give all my money – and I’ve got stacks of it, oh
    yesireebop, I do, I swear on fido’s word – to them.

    There. Now that oughta shut ’em up.

    That, maybe ten gallons Thorazine.

    How come they never sing song alla day long about the wonders
    of Nazi Germany – wasn’t hitler one of cagasstro’s heroes?

    These people like sweig, stone, kennedy?
    They’re proof someone can have lotta dollars, no sense.

    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasensible Key, Florida
    20 September, 2009

  5. PS –

    Is this picture above ‘fishy’? Maybe somebody should e-mail that fishy website, white house there, report the fish and me as well for lookin’ at it?

    It’s time we all turned ourselves in.

    Nice catch, all seriousness.

    manaseriousness key, fl
    20 sep ’09

  6. Humberto,

    That red looked kind of big to me, that is the reason I asked. Twenty-seven inches is the maximum size allowed here in FL.

    Here we catch them by casting inside the mangroves (that’s where they hide).

    I see that your background is like Louisiana marshes, right?

    So I wonder where you catch them, near those tall grasses or in the open. Also, how deep those waters are?

    The area that I fish in Everglades National park is very shallow (deepest is at 4-5 feet, average is 1.5-3 feet).

  7. Indeed FFC, right up against the bank in our shallow coastal marshes.

    as also seen here;

    Caught this brute yesterday in about 2 ft depths Or (“two foota-waw-daw,” as New Orleaneans pronounce it) as they pronounce my name: “Hom-Boy-Da”

    Cast right up against the grassy bank with a shrimp- sweetened jig, 18 inches under a popping cork…pop it once..maybe twice–WHAM! the battle is joined!!!! Off to the races with reel screaming!

    Can’t BEAT IT, AMIGO!!

  8. Paul VZ,
    Yes, how did this happen to intelligent people? We can read books about Hitler and frown, but try to discuss anything casting aspersions on anything communist and it’s verboten. How did this happen and why?

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